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Homemade Pet Dewormer

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Does anyone know how to make a homemade dewormer?

By Carrie


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By vicki hood [4]02/26/2012

FOOD grade diatomacious Earth for intestinal worms. For you and almost all animals. 1 800 228 5836 Inexpensive, human grade even, easy, effective. I get the 2.5 pound containers, I think less than 10$ and share with others as it is so easy and effective. Dogs, Cats, Chickens. Parrots, wildlife. I had no symptoms but passed a rope of roundworms. 75% of Americans, I'm told, have worms.

Your little angel boy or girl gets pin worms at school. Almost guaranteed. Sprinkle on food. Poof after couple weeks treatment. Easy. No testing, no doctor. Does not treat heartworm. That can be very threatening to life if your dog has heartworm. Vet only on heartworm.

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