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Recipes Printed on 8-1/2 x 11 Paper


I print a lot of recipes from the internet on 8-1/2 x 11 paper. This is an odd size for any recipe box or book holder that I have found. I would like to just fold them in half, so that I then have an 8-1/2 x 6.5 sheet. Any ideas of how I might organize them?

wondernana from Clovis, CA



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By kathleen (Guest Post) 01/23/2009 Flag

I have done the same. My recipe file box got too full, so I saved a popcorn box. We buy it with 15 packs of popcorn at a time. I cut the box so it is only as tall as the index cards,a little taller than the recipe cards. I have a larger place to store recipes. I like it. Good luck.

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By OliveOyl 602 01/23/2009 Flag

I think the folding is not such a good idea.

Your paper is the perfect size to organize in a 3 ring binder. Just punch holes in your paper. You can find a 3 hole punch in office supply stores, or WalMart, Target sort of stores.

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By Nickle 3 01/23/2009 Flag

You can get sheet protectors and slide them inside. They have holes on the sides so you can load them in any 3-ring binder.

Remove the sheet protector (with recipe inside) from the binder when you need the recipe. If you get something on it while cooking, it wipes off easily.

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By Judi 18 938 01/24/2009 Flag

I also print mine on regular sized sheets and put them in protectors. I like the ability to remove them from the binder and magnet them to the frig when I'm cooking. At special dinners I remove from the binder all the recipes I'll use and keep them out in the kitchen. I can wipe them off when (not if) I spill something on them.

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By Julie 48 564 01/24/2009 Flag

you mentioned you would like to have it folded in half like a greeting card comes. If you have a art program for making cards like hallamark, print master etc. You can choose greeting card (half folded type) and print two seperate recipes using the inside of each for each reciepe. You just simply copy your reciepe from what ever source you got it from and paste that into your text box on your card that you create. You could even add a picture of your finished recipe to the front side of the card. When creating the folded card (half size) you will have all 4 sides to work with beginning on the front, inside left, inside right then back side. And then you can still add your hole puch and put in binder sheets that are that size 5X7.

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By Billie (Guest Post) 01/27/2009 Flag

You can print them off the internet in various sizes - index card size, 4X8 and full page as well.

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By Jan Hashem 5 01/27/2009 Flag

I put mine in an expandable file folder. I separate them by appetizers, salads, ground beef, chicken, casseroles etc. I have two homes and this way I can always take my recipes with me. On the trips, I sort and take out those I don't use or didn't care for.

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 01/27/2009 Flag

I found the printer paper with the holes already punched at Office Depot.I use both sides. I use a three ring binder too. Also for those of you that do genealogy, I put each person's favorite recipe in their "More" notes on The Family Tree Maker. I wish I had my mom's apple pie recipe for her page. It was wonderful. The filling was almost like applesauce instead of sliced apples.And she used Allspice & cloves and cinnamon.And oh the crust...tender /flacky.GG Vi

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By Jamie 7 49 01/28/2009 Flag

HI There,
I came up with this due to the various sized recipes I have printed off, written down, etc. It has worked well! I buy a plastic bin, about 10 w x 6 d x maybe 6 h (sorry I don't have it with me) the ones I see usually have a grid pattern for sides-not solid. I them purchased some 9h x 6 w manilla envelopes. I closed the opening, and made a new opening on the long 9 inch end. I put a tab on that end to name the type (chicken main dish, etc) and as I said, it has served my various sized recipes, including folding a 8 1/2 x 11 paper, very well! I can send a pic if you'd like, please let me know!

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By Linda 3 1 01/28/2009 Flag

I have a hole punch that I purchased at Walmart for under $5.00, and I use a 3 hole binder. Also bought divider tabs for under a dollar.

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