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Home Remedy for Wheezing

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What can I do to help with wheezing?

By amy beth from Dallas, TX


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By christine M. Thayer [2]08/14/2009

If this is a chronic problem, then you may needs extra thyroid hormones. Not having enough can really play havoc with the respiratory system. Read the book: Hypothyroidism, The Hidden Illness, by: Dr. Broda Barnes, it's fast reading. When I found out about this, I had to trick a doctor into giving me Armour thyroid (it's the natural hormones for this problem). I now can get it off the net for my husband and I have a doctor that recognizes when there are not enough with and without lab tests. If you are hypothyroid, then it can cause a lot of problems besides just the breathing issues.

By Anonymous [848]08/14/2009

Wheezing "always has an underlying medical cause" so ditto on seeing a doctor. I wish I would have seen a doctor about my wheezing years ago because my COPD would not have advanced as badly as it did had I simply made an appointment with a doctor :-( Better safe than sorry and find out the cause of the wheezing before trying home remedies.

Here's a list of causes and it will knock your socks off:

By Regina08/14/2009

My son was wheezing from birth, and it took me three years to find that he is allergic to citrus fruits (and another three years to learn that pectin is made from orange peel). He doesn't wheeze anymore. So I would suggest, in addition to seeing a doctor, you could try to see if you wheeze more or less depending on what you eat. Good luck!

By kathleen williams [23]08/12/2009

Have you tried fruits and vegetables? Garlic, onions, peppers, potatoes, beans, and cabbage, honey? No junk foods and plenty of water. Good luck.


Wheezing can be caused by asthma, emphyzema, bronchitis, an allergy or some other cause. The first and most important thing to do is see your doctor.

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