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Removing a Mold Stains on Cotton Quilt

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How do you get mold out of a quilt? It is cotton fabric with different colored butterflies on it. It has a water stain and mold where the roof leaked in my closet. Thanks for your help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By Sissy from Dunlap, TN


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By Cyinda [214]03/12/2010

I can't guarantee anything, but I have 2 things you can at least try. If you can't bleach it where the mold is. Try Peroxide. My other idea is Enzyme pet cleaned & odor remover. This Enzyme pet cleaned works by making natural organic stains break down & biodegrade quicker. Just spray it on, let sit & keep it wet with the product. You may have to repeat this twice. I hope this works!

Also, you might try putting lemon juice on the stain then setting the quilt out in the mid-day sun. * If all else fails, take a nice lace doily (or a fabric that matches) & applique' or sew it over the stains. You might even use fancy buttons or cotton crocheted flowers & leaves in colors that match to cover the stains.

By kathleen williams [23]03/11/2010

After trying various solutions I have found online (such as lemon juice & salt, etc.) what I found to work very well is a combination of Clorox2 color-safe bleach and oxy clean. I added both of these to the hottest water the fabric would allow and the stains came out. I pretreated the stains first with some clorox2 by pouring it on the stain and rubbing it in gently prior to washing. Once the wash ran for about 15 minutes, I shut the washer off and I let the quilt soak in the washer for several hours. I then started the washer back up and let the cycle finish. The quilt came out beautifully.good luck.

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