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Cleaning Tarnished Door Hinges

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How do you clean the (actual) door hinge (not asking about the hinge pin)? Just noticed this tarnished look but don't know what type of 'plated' material it is.

CC from USA


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By Sherril Knight10/17/2005

Try white (not gel) toothpaste! I use it to get the tarnish off of my sterling silver earrings.

By Claudia- MD (Guest Post)10/13/2005

I would imagine the hinges are solid brass, not plated. I think Brasso and Wrights make polish for brass in liquid or paste form that you apply with a damp sponge and wipe off. Pretty easy.

By Glenda. (Guest Post)10/11/2005

You can take the door down and place the hinges in warm soapy water and use steel wool to clean. However, I find it much easier to tape a wide area around the hinges and spray paint them. They stay free of rust and I can change the color.

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