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Website With Grocery Store Prices

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I have heard that there are websites where you can compare prices for supermarket goods. Specifically, it allows you to see where the lowest prices for each product is in your neighborhood. Then you can go to that store to buy something such as cheese or meat and get the best price possible. Has anyone else found out about this?

Raney from Seattle


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By Jarls10/26/2010

I heard of a new one just starting.

By Keahilani04/10/2010

I use this website,

By Linda04/09/2010

I use

By kathleen williams [23]11/22/2009

Win Dixie is the only one I know of that has a good website with prices, good luck.

By Dennis Baggett (Guest Post)03/22/2008

I had heard that excessive price raises, especially before a holiday were illegal. What government group regulates food prices at major grocery chains? My Wife just went shopping at Meijer's (Allen Park, MI.). Several of the items purchased were significantly raised in price from two days prior (Meijer cooking oil went from $2.79 to $3.99 in two days). Please contact me at: DBaggett2003 AT

By ben07/28/2007

I found a website for Canadian grocery shoppers
it's free and you don't have to sign up to use any of their services.

By Sheryl Barron07/09/2007

I found this one earlier I think its free I signed up and it said it was :)

By guest (Guest Post)03/03/2007

i have heard this is coming to WA shortly but as far as i know is not here yet

By (Guest Post)07/18/2006

The only one I know of is but there's a fee for membership. I don't know of any free ones.

By Vi Johnson [237]03/27/2006

By christi (Guest Post)03/24/2006

By Dawn [3]03/24/2006

you could try ->
I use it often for getting the best deals

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