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Getting Rid of Ticks in Your House

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When pets pick up ticks outside they frequently leave them in your home, where they can become an infestation. This is a guide about getting rid of ticks in your house.


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June 17, 2017

We went on vacation and there were ticks. I washed all of our clothing before returning home, but still found 4 ticks, my husband had 2 on him. What can I use inside my house to make sure I get rid of them? What can I clean with?

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June 17, 20170 found this helpful

You do not say that you have pets so it would seem that ticks just traveled home with you in your luggage, car, clothes or on your person. I believe that I would wash all of the clothing over again just to be sure.

Here are a couple of sites that have some good information on killing ticks inside your home (and outside if necessary).

https://homerem  edies-for-ticks/  cks-in-Your-Home

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June 17, 20170 found this helpful

You need to wash your clothes in hot water. You need to dust your home with pesticide and you need to treat your pets. This article from ehow will help you http://m.wikiho  Around-Your-Home

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July 6, 20080 found this helpful

I live in West Texas and my yard and the inside of my house are infested with ticks. I just had to take a litter of gsp to the shelter because I thought they would have a better chance. I've treated my yard with Orthomax, Sevendust, and Orkin. I have dipped my dogs, powdered them up, cow tags, you name it. The only thing I could treat the puppies with was K9 Advantix and that didn't even work. Help please.


Victoria from West Texas

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July 6, 20080 found this helpful
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I had a tick infestation once. They were very hard to get rid of. One thing I learned was to do everything at the same time...shave and dip the dog, spray the yard and house. Also check with your neighbors. If they have ticks, they need to treat everything the same day you do. Good luck.

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July 19, 20080 found this helpful
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Depending on where you live you may not be able to do this. My former neighbor had chickens that occasionally "escaped" to my yard and we never had a tick problem. I didn't think anything about it until he and his chickens moved and we were over run with ticks. We did the 4-wheeler/spray thing to the point that dead ants clogged our gas meter so badly that it had to be replaced. The ticks came back. I went to the flea market and bought a grown hen so the cats left it alone. No ticks! Took a couple of weeks, but I now have 3 hens, a rooster, fresh eggs and no ticks.

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By guest (Guest Post)
July 23, 20080 found this helpful

I also live in the Tampa area, and have ticks for the first time ever. I found them on my dog, took him to the vet and got Frontline Plus AND a tick collar. He was already on Sentinel, which is supposed to also be tick/flea prevention. These products (Frontline and the collar) seem to have worked for keeping the ticks from latching on to him.

I have found some in my bed though (my dog sleeps in my bed, even though I''ve been trying to get him not to since the ticks). I fogged my apartment with a product specifically for fleas/ticks (front PetSmart), but am still finding them. I'm going crazy! I bought carpet powder, and am going to try that. I don't find very many around on my walls or anything at the moment, but the few that I do find are frustrating!! Right now I'm just trying to continue to wash my sheets after I pick them off my bed.

Any other ideas are more than welcome and will be appreciated! Since I'm in an apartment I can't do anything about the yard, but killing and preventing them in my house would be good!

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By guest (Guest Post)
July 29, 20080 found this helpful

Just discovered ticks 2 days ago and freaked. I'm a researh junkie and have come up with the following info.

From the dog groomer: not much will kill the ticks that are already on the dog/cat. Ticks don't die easily. The best you can do is get the pet cut (we went as close to the skin as possible) so you can better see the ticks and remove them.

For the home: Sevin (Home Depot carries it). You can spray it on furniture.

Make sure you get the baseboards as that's where they lay their eggs. I had Terminex come in and they even looked between the matress and box spring and found one. They can get everywhere.

Good luck!

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By guest (Guest Post)
August 4, 20080 found this helpful

I have not had much luck getting rid of ticks. We have tried Truly Nolen a professional company, but they come back in a few days. Seems like they come at least three time a month. We tried bombs, carpet treatments, sprays, and so far we have only reduced the number of ticks we find. Finally decided to put our dog down today, as she is 15 and had other issues. The ticks remain. I did notice the corners I put boric acid in did have quite a few dead ticks. In cleaning today, I found a pile of tick eggs with at least 1,000 eggs. Seems like I am fighting a losing battle. Please let me know if anyone finds a product the works well.

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By guest (Guest Post)
November 6, 20080 found this helpful

I have a chihuahua & 2 cats & I don't see any ticks on them. My dog was on revolution but is over due & still doesn't have any. I have my cats on frontline plus. I have never never ever had ticks, but I found one on my back attached but not embedded. (not near any bra line or waist band line like people assume, just in the middle of my back). I cleaned the whole house, didn't find anything. Then I was laying on the couch & saw one crawling towards my face.

I need to get rid of them, I don't know where they are coming from. I am kind of getting the feeling like they live here & I'm the intruder & when I find one kill it. Just deal with them. I hate to think that way, or i should just move but I'm afraid now they are in my furniture due to reading some of the previous messages. any one have any words of advice or tips? Thank you guys :)

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 10, 20090 found this helpful

Please whatever you do dont spend money on tick killers and foggers. I have a very clean house and two dogs that stay outside and one cat inside. I boarded my dogs while on vacation and they came home with ticks. This I did not discover for a few days. Before I knew it my yard, dogs, and house were infested with ticks. When I say infested I mean like a Stephen Spielberg movie..I was disgusted. I did everything wrong. I read blog after blog about ticks. Any sprays or powders or foggers will only send ticks into hiding for awhile.

When they come back out in search for food..they are twice as bad. In your house they hide in cracks and crevices within your floors and baseboards. If you have carpet you might as well rip it up and check the perimeter. I had to do major spring cleaning. I would go from room to room moving everything away from baseboards and windows, then I would spray some clorox mixture on walls and baseboards and wait a few minutes. Ticks would crawl out of hiding spots that I didn't know existed. Then I would wipe them up and out with a hot cloth. I did this several times for a month before I was able to solve the problem. They also like cracks and crevices of furniture. If you can wash or steam your furniture.

Outside I know it sounds crazy but I did I small controlled burn in many parts of my yard with lighter fluid. Especially under trees and leaf piles. I saw ticks coming out of the ground trying to escape. In the other part of my lawn I cut my grass super short and watered twice a day everyday and added dish soap before I turned on the sprinklers. Maybe my lawn looked crazy with bubbles but it drown some ticks. Ticks are extremely hard to get rid of. I wish anyone who has them the best of luck.

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 10, 20090 found this helpful

I have had this problem for about 5 years with my pets. I feel sorry for them. I have tried every product the vet has recommended and have had the bug guy come out numerous times. It seems to let up for a little while but then comes right back. Neither house on each side have dogs but one neighbor does have chickens.

I thought maybe the chickens are promoting the ticks in our yard but I am unsure of that. I have recently purchased an organic garlic substance that claims to rid ticks and mosquitoes. Yes, at this point I am willing to try anything. I had used a whole garlic, vinegar and water in a spray bottle and sprayed my dog with it and the next morning there were no visible ticks.

However I forgot to spray him down for two days and there they were. I wash and deticked my dog and now I am trying to keep up with the daily spraying. He smells awful but at least he is not infested like he was. I will post another message if this new spray I received works. If anyone has any other suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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By guest (Guest Post)
February 12, 20090 found this helpful

I live in Houston, Texas, and have a tick problem I've never had before! Hate the little buggers. I've used Cedar Oil spray purchased from CedarCide. It keeps the ticks off the dogs, but they come back if you are not diligent with spraying. There are two formulas, one for furniture, dog bedding, humans and animals, and the other more concentrated for the yard. I'm going to try boric acid for the house too.

You can sprinkle it underneath couch cushions and in carpet and it will not hurt you, the dogs or infants. I used it before for roaches and it worked wonders. I seems it would work on ticks too and someone said they had luck with it on ticks. I don't see them crawling on my walls, my fingers are crossed on that! I've started using Frontline Plus on the dogs b/c everything I've read says only that one has the ingredient that works on ticks. Too soon to tell it it is keeping the ticks off the dogs, but the Cedar Oil spray definitely keeps them off.

I spray ME, the doorways, dog bedding and the dogs twice a day. Also, penny royal oil which works wonders on fleas may work for ticks. Mix 1oz oil with 16oz alcohol to kill fleas, but can't spray or dip dog in that. Add 1gal water to dilute mixture enough to rinse dogs. Good luck everyone. We need it!

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June 13, 20111 found this helpful

I just found 5 of the nasty pests on two of my dogs & started research on getting rid of them & some other nasty bugs as well. Diatomaceous earth (food grade only, the other used for pool filters is HIGHLY toxic!) is one good way to get rid of them.

You can get it in a powder form that you can actually use on your dog to get rid of the fleas & ticks! I found it on ''. I also found that nematods can not only get rid of these nasty pests but get rid of a few other garden critters as an added bonus!

They will not hurt you or your pets butlove the bad guys! Arbico Organics has many different ones to help get rid of these pests. You might also want to consider natural oils to help in the fight as well. can help with that if you don't want to use chemicals on you or your pets.

I hadn't seen ticks for a very long time so I suspect they are being brought in by the over abundant number of mice, squirrels & rabbits that are taking over this year. If you live in the country, or even near the country they may be one of the reasons you are having to fight these crawlies.

Mice could be bringing them in so you might want to trap & get rid of them as well. I hope this will help any of you that are having this nasty & dangerous problem! Best of luck!

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March 24, 2016

Can ticks get in my bed?

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July 6, 20080 found this helpful

I live in Central Florida and am battling ticks indoors and out. We have a large Shephard and a 2 year old daughter. We have professionally sprayed a number of times. I have had my dog shaved and dipped. He has a flea collar and we use Frontline. I am going crazy!

Emily from Central, Florida


Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

Try using Borax on your carpets and baseboards with vacuuming. Make sure to leave it on there for at least 20-30 minutes to penetrate the fibers. You can easily find directions online or on the box.

Borax is great for cleaning fleas, ticks, bugs, etc. When I make my carpet cleaner/deoderizer I always add Borax to it to help with the insect/bug problem in my area of Florida.

Hope this helps! (01/11/2008)

By bjgould1213

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

I feel your pain Emily! My home is infested with ticks right now too. We have a 10 year old daughter and a 90lb. German Shepard. The feeling of seeing these ticks crawling up my walls and out from under baseboards is VERY disturbing. We have spent over $400 in the past 4 weeks on pest control to rid us of this and still we are getting up to 20 ticks a day that we pick up and flush.
I was wondering if you tried the Borax thing yet? Did it work. I am desperate! My dog is treated with Advantix and a collar so he is getting bites but they are not sticking to him. Thank God.
Just wondering if since you posted this a week ago if you've tried anything thats worked?

By Melissa

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

Get some bug killing "granules" from Wal-mart or other garden center. The granules last longer. Everytime they are wetted down they release more. Just spread around the yard with spreader and wet down with hose or sprinkler. Make sure they are labeled for ticks. Be sure you get around under any trees and shrubs well. There is a tick collar called "Preventic". It lasts for about 3 months for your adult dogs. It does nothing for fleas and you have to get it from your veterinarian, but it does work. (01/19/2008)

By junebug_000

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

I have done an experiment and found the 20 mule borax does not kill ticks. I placed 2 live ticks in a small container of borax and the next morning they where still walking around, so that does not appear to work. (03/10/2008)

By wre11

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

I too live in Florida and I too am having problems with Ticks this year. I have the dogs on k9-advantix and on the preventics colar, which works pretty good except for their feet. The ticks are hiding in their toes, are there any treatments or things that can be done to stop them from going there?

Also what are the granuals that where mentioned for the ticks in the yard, as I believe the ticks are in the hedges around the house, should the leaves be treated or just the base? Any product work better then any other? I was given something by the vets but that does not seem to be slowing the ticks down. (03/12/2008)

By wre11

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

I sympathies with all of you suffering tick infestations. I live in the Tampa area and spent $1,600 and probably 200 hours of my time getting rid of ticks over the last year. The good news is that it worked and my 2 dogs were totally tick free for 8 weeks. The bad news is they're back now, but not out of control yet.

Don't spend money on professional pest services. I did, and it did not work. Once the ticks are out of control, it's extremely difficult to get rid of them. Have your dogs shaved. Hair grows back. Bathe the dogs once a week with tick shampoo from Petsmart. Use a tick collar. Advantix did nothing for me. Remove ticks from the dog daily. Siphotrol is a spray you can buy from your vet to use inside the house. Spray once a week until they stop crawling the walls.

Keep the carpets cleaned and vacuumed. Pick up all clutter so there is no where for ticks to hide. Wash pet bedding weekly. Rake leaves and all ground cover from the yard. I finally removed every bush from the back yard so there was no place that couldn't be easily treated. Unfortunately ticks like shade and I have alot of trees. Bayer granules can be purchased from Lowes to spread in the yard. Use weekly for a month, then monthly. I'm switching to Bayer spray now because the ticks have become immune to the granules. If your neighbors don't treat their yards, the ticks will come back.

All I can say is if I see a single tick now, I don't waste any time going all out to get rid of them. There is no fast, easy solution. Good luck to you all! (06/19/2008)

By Tired of Ticks

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

We live in Naples as well. Tonight we pulled 3 ticks off of our dog a yorkie/ weener dog mix. Tonight we found another 9 in our bedroom on the carpet and one on the sheet in our bed (wife's side) when we pulled back the covers to look. My wife is now sleeping in another room. Our thoughts are to call Truly Nolen tomorrow - should be interesting. I've heard that eucalyptus works perhaps a spray is available. (06/22/2008)

By Phil

Getting Rid of Ticks in My House

Do a search on Diatomaceous Earth. It is 100% natural and effective against ticks, while still being safe for humans and pets. Buy only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - there is a "filter grade" that is not safe for pets and people.

By Mammajenni

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