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White Pimple On Finger

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I have this weird pimple like whitish bump on the pad of my left middle finger. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what it is?

Mackenzie from Millington, TN


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By malik crook01/15/2011

I have one but I don't think its from splinter because my house has very few wooden objects so I need help. Cant play my 360 because my finger keeps hurting.

By Sharon02/03/2010

Don't take a needle to it I found one just like it on my thumb right by my nail on New Years eve it looked like it had a head so I thought something was in it took a needle to it and now it is horrible. It is purple and fills with blood if I bump it it hurts and bleeds it bled for a half hour last night trying neosporin if that doesn't help making an appointment for the doctor.

By rick (Guest Post)07/17/2008

I just noticed one on my thumb. It hurts to the touch. I tried squeezing it, but nothing. It is a little white bump under the skin. I will try poking it with a needle tonight.

It really looks and feels like a pimple, but I guess it could be a minute splinter infection.


It came off and left a little peeling skin.


By (Guest Post)08/14/2007

It could be a wart. I had one on my palm and it never went away and the dr. said it was a wart and he froze it off.

By Sallie (Guest Post)08/13/2007

Sounds like it could be an infected splinter. I've pricked them with a needle dipped in alcohol, squeezed gently and removed 'em, then doused the area with alcohol.

By sandy [63]08/13/2007

if it is on your finger next to your nail it could be a paranecium. the spelling not right but i often get them. right at the nail bed in the skin. soak it in warm water and peroxide. it will eventually pop.

Editor's Note: Sorry, can't figure out what "paranecium" is.

By Janet [1]08/13/2007

This is going to sound silly, but could it be possible that you got bit by a fire ant? That is what they look like when they fester.

Janet in NE GA


I actually just cut my nail with my razor. I just now got it to stop bleeding, and it has a bandaid on it sorry can't post a pic!

By Jill Fleming (Guest Post)08/11/2007

I could be a fatty tumor. My son has them. They are harmless and don't need to be removed unless it bothers you. Can you post a picture?

By (Guest Post)08/11/2007

Does it hurt when pressed on? Not being mean or kidding! If it is hard to the touch and hurts when pressed on it may be what is called a seed wart. Which you can freeze off at home with the freeze items at drug stores just follow directions. May have to repeat several times since seed warts seem harder to get rid of. If it hurts and is soft to touch, more pimple like, it may be an imbedded splinter which can be soaked in peroxide after puncturing the head. Then apply pressure to remove the object, soak again, apply neosporin and bandaid. Good Luck! :)


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Question: Small White Head on Finger

I can't really send a picture. It's on the very edge of my nail and has a yellowy off white sort of puss in it. It hurts when I apply pressure to it, and it isn't really all that raised at all, maybe a little. It's been hurting for three days now, and this morning I found it had the puss-like stuff in it.

I noticed it after sleeping in my uncle's car one morning as we were on a road trip from Florida to California. This made me think it might be a bite or something. I have never had a pimple on my finger and am hoping it is. Even the other side of my nail hurts right at the tip. I'm not sure what else to give as info. I really hope some little bug doesn't sprout out of it. Any ideas?

By Alex D

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By NEWFIEGIRL [8]07/12/2011

The answer to your question is called a Medical practitioner.

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