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Better Tasting Instant Mashed Potatoes

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To make instant mashed potatoes taste better, add some salt free seasoning such as Mrs. Dash. The seasoning masks the artificial flavor some instant potatoes have.

By Lynn


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I like the fresh mashed Potatoes however when I am in a hurry I add Potato water that I have saved from my boiled potato's. Any time I boil potatoes I freeze the water off of them instead of dumping it down the drain. It is so much better then using just water and milk I use the potato water within a few months so it doe not taste
frozen. If I think I will use the potato water in a few day's I keep it in the Fridge.

By Lilac [18]11/30/2010

I just want to add that if anyone is allergic to sulfites they are in most instant potatoes. Trader Joes do not have them in it.

By Ariela [32]12/17/2008

I make instant potatoes often. I have used evaporated milk. It gives them a richer flavor. Also you can add sour creme, or miracle whip or ranch dressing.. use your imagination. I found that over stirring is one thing that reduces the flavor,and makes them gummy. If their too thin add more flakes.. to thick add more water.. or more sour creme/salad dressing etc. Just dont over stir. I also add the sour creme or dressings to real potatoes.

When I realized my family couldn't tell the real from the instant I stopped making the real one cause I detest peeling potatoes. I tell my hubby if you want real then peel them.. hes like... "Instant is fine!" lol

One more thing.. my mom always made Potato Salad from mashed potatoes (real, a southern recipe) So I automatically make it from instant potatoes. No one but my hubby knows it's instant potatoes. I even send it to his potluck dinners at work. They love it! Try it!

By (Guest Post)10/23/2008

The way my family makes instant mashed potatoes is by boiling water and add what they call McCormick's Natures' Seasons, 1/2 stick of butter, and a bullion cube. Sometimes the leftover chicken "grease" that is seasoned from the chicken you cooked as your main dish is really good stirred into the potatoes.

By Roddy (Guest Post)06/27/2006

Use canned evaporated milk. Grate a clove of fresh garlic into your boiling water. Yummy potatoes.

By Rod (Guest Post)06/27/2006

Use canned evaporated milk instead of whole or 2% milk. Grate a fresh clove of garlic into your boiling water also. This makes instant potatoes delicious.

By (Guest Post)09/02/2005

throw some McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning (i just keep shaking it till it looks ok to me) in with the butter and water before it boils

By Crystal (Guest Post)08/18/2005

My Mother in law swears by adding sour cream to instant mashed potaoes after cooking to make it taste more 'real'

By michelle07/26/2005

I find that adding Sazon Goya packets to Instant mashed potatoes is delicious. Then top them with shredded cheese. Yum.

By Michael Carter [2]10/24/2004

When we make a big batch of Ramen Noodles, we don't use all the flavor packets, as usually one packet for every two packages of noodles adds enough flavor. We end up having extra packets and we add these to our instant mashed potatoes (among other foods).

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