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Wax Poured Down the Drain

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One of our kids did a NO-NO and was playing around with a candle. The "excess" wax was poured down the bathroom drain. ARGH! The house is a rental, pipes are 70's vintage PVC. What can I do to remove the wax?


Aardvark from VA



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By Christine 01/14/2011

Thanks Carol the baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water worked perfectly. You saved the day, we're expecting house guests. :)

By Carol Churchill (Guest Post)03/07/2006

Pour down the drain:
one cup bicarbonate of soda
one cup white vinegar
one kettle boiling water, in that sequence.
Success guaranteed!

By dylan (Guest Post)03/06/2006

Did you find a reliable method to fix the problem, Aardvark? Funnily enough I have this exact same conundrum right now and am hoping to avoid calling a plumber, too : /

By jaxi3. (Guest Post)03/03/2006

I believe I would try a combination of baking soda and vinegar, which sets of a chemical reaction that will heat up. Then flush with hot water. You may have to do this a few times, but, I think short of taking apart the pipes, this might be a good idea.
Good Luck

By Dee [3]02/24/2006

I personally wouldn't pour Boiling water down the drain, try a few ice cubes and ice cold water. that will make the wax hard. chances are it is sitting in the "P" trap (bent pipe under the sink) undo the P shaped pipe and take out the cold wax. chances are there is enough soap residue around the inside of the pipe that it hasn't STUCK on it. use some plumbers tape around the treads of the pipe and screw it back together, if not sure how to disconnect and reconnect the pipe, go to your local library and get a how to book on home repair. its not hard and can save you a lot of money! Good Luck!

By Ziggee02/24/2006

pour lots of hot boiling hot water down the drain.


By Annie Rios Hill [12]02/23/2006

move....? I would call a plumber and ask what
he/she would suggest you do...its a free call...

By Annie (Guest Post)02/23/2006

Have you tried great quantities of boiling water ?
That might help - but it would take a lot

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