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What Do Roly-Polys Eat?

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What do roly-polys eat?



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By Dena Roberts [35]07/17/2008

We call them "sow bugs", although I have no idea why! Anyone know how to keep them out of the house?

By Jill [4]07/15/2008

Just as a matter of curiosity; roly-polies are a crustacean, not bugs (even though we still call them bugs!) They are more closely related to shrimp and crabs than bugs! I just thought that was a fun fact when I first learned it!

By Monique [105]07/15/2008

Hello, sorry but what are Roly-Poly's please?

<b> Editor's Note </b> The pill bug (also called the wood louse and the roly-poly bug) is a small, segmented land creature that can roll into a tiny ball for protection.

By Betsy Butler [7]07/15/2008

They eat the organic matter in rotting logs and potting soil. They need to be kept moist but not wet.

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