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Gnats in The Diaper Pail

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Recently gnats have invaded my home and they have taken a big interest in my kid's diaper pail. I keep things very clean and empty the diaper pail regularly but as soon as one diaper gets thrown in it they swarm around it and in it. My kid is in the same room and I can't seem to get rid of them. To make matters worse they are biting me and causing blisters.



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By Natalie [1]10/11/2008

I had to idea
i through it was a diaper rash thanks
for tips moms

By Amy (Guest Post)07/23/2008

I just returned from the peditrician as my 2 yr old was covered with these red bumps with white centers, and she didn't have them when she went to bed. The peditrician said they were bug bites, but from where? So, I searched her room, cleaned her diaper genie, and found about 30 dead gnats and a dozen live gnats in and around it. I did a search and found this post, so thank you! I will call the peditrician to advise it was biting gnats in the diaper pail. I'll remove the diaper genie from her room, and use the vinegar/dishsoap in glass container idea (this suggestion was also on a bug expert site). Thank you for this forum topic!!!

By (Guest Post)07/25/2007

We used the vinegar in a bottle trick. Put some apple cider vinegar in the bottom of a bottle or glass jar (we cut open the top of an old 1/2 liter water bottle) and add a tablespoon of dish washing soap. Put some kind of paper funnel or plastic wrap over the top with holes poked in it, and put it near the area where the gnats are hanging around. Takes about a week or two, but they are attracted to the vinegar smell then get trapped and drown by the thickness of the soap when they try to feed. Even though the plastic has the same holes they entered, they seem to be baffled and can't get out (most of the time.) Be sure to dispose of the bottle or wash the jar you use well to kill any eggs.

By Carrie [2]02/27/2007

Usually gnats are gone in less than a month, so whatever you use seems to work. They just love decaying manure, and horses, so those are two things to eliminate. Rather, don't eliminate the horse, treat it.

So, obviously you must keep the diaper pail clean, very clean, and put a top that snaps shut on it.

An old wives' tale says taking vitamin B keeps the gnats away from biting you because they don't like the way your skin smells. Interesting, eh?

I would use an odor killer like Renuzit spray or a plastic bag tied tight in the pail.

As far as your bites, they are only serious if they have red fingers spreading from them.

I loved my diaper service because they delivered clean diapers, a clean pail, and picked up the unowat. That was for me, and it cost less than disposable diapers. I never understood why the women working for me used disposable diapers, and had to haul them home from the store.

By Brian W. (Guest Post)10/15/2005

First, move the pail to another room for the sanity of your infant child at least until the problem is solved. Second, research the habits and biology and control techniques provided by the large college web sites. Some of the best are the University of Kentucky or Purdue University. Look for the link for the Entymology Department. Good luck.

By Cindy Kosloski [1]09/17/2005

Try bleach in the drains, and wash the daiper pail out with bleach.
This is what I had to do years ago when my kids where small.

By Denise (Guest Post)09/17/2005

This won't get rid of them permanently, but it will help a lot and give you some relief.

When gnats invaded my home a few years ago, they were driving me crazy! I bought some standard flypaper strips. It turns out they work better on the gnats than they do with flies. I put them up all over, but at least 2 in each spot where they tended to congregate.

It won't get rid of 100% of the nasty things, but it should make the problem much less noticeable.

If anyone knows a safe way to get rid of these, please let us know! You can't spray a baby's room, obviously, so help!

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