Type of Staples Needed for Recovering Chairs


What type of staples do I need to use on very hard wood chairs to recover the seats? I have a heavy duty staple gun, but last time I re-covered them, the staples wouldn't go in.

By Kayton from OK


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By mcw 80 1,754 01/03/2011

Why don't you use upholstery tacks instead of staples.

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By Linda L. 83 322 01/06/2011

I had the ame issue with antique oak chairs. Assuming the staples go in a little way you can then tap them with a hammer.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 01/06/2011

If it's in your budget, I would rent a pneumatic power stapler. Otherwise, upholstery tacks or longer staples may work better. If you recover them frequently, I would glue (no more nails, industrial adhesive) thin slats of softer wood to the underside of the chairs then staple to the slats.

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I was also going to say upholstery tacks. You can find them at any hardware type store.

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By Delores 3 52 01/07/2011

Same thing happened to us. I had printed off instructions from DIY. We were making an upholstered head board. Same wood, same fabric. So I knew it had to be the staples. My hubby went to an Ace Hardware and told them the problem and they sold him a sturdier staple. Worked perfectly.

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By susan 33 441 01/09/2011

From my experience when they don't go all the way in they are too long. Try using 1/4" staples. Good luck.

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