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Recipes Using Wheat Germ

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What is wheat germ good for? And how can I use it? I bought some when I was baking at Christmas time for some dog treats I made, and have quite a bit left. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.

jmz2005 from illinois



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By janemicheale (Guest Post)01/11/2009

I make a wheat germ pizza. it takes 1/4 cup of wheat germ, 1 egg, garlic powder to taste, 1oz. of fancy shredded cheddar cheese and pizza sauce. You mix the egg and wheat germ along with the garlic powder. Spray cooking spray into a small skillet and spread your wheat germ mixture like a pancake. Flip it over and when done remove it and place on a cookie sheet and add your sauce and cheese melt in oven then enjoy. Great for dieters.

By Anita (Guest Post)10/07/2008

I use wheat germ as an alternative to nuts on my Ice cream, I sprinkle it to taste and add a little chocolate syrup to make a very tasty nutty sundae.

By Anita (Guest Post)10/07/2008

I use wheat germ as an alternative to nuts on my Ice cream, I sprinkle it to taste and add a little chocolate syrup to make a very tasty nutty sundae.

By Jazzylazzy (Guest Post)03/26/2007

When you are baking a cake and you don't want to frost it, sprinkle wheat germ across the top of the batter and bake as usual. This give the top of the cake a finished look with the added nutrition. I do this with applesauce cakes and gingerbread. You can use it on any cake.

By Brenree (Guest Post)03/25/2007

I like to eat a small amount of it with a little sugar and milk (like a cereal) for a tasty treat.

I have also added it to smoothies and when I baked bread.

By Kim McGrantham [16]03/24/2007

When I make homemade macaroni & cheese I sprinkle wheat germ on top for a crunchy healthy crust. Also put it in my yogurt, hot & cold cereal, on pb&j sandwiches.

By cillabill (Guest Post)03/23/2007

I like to use Wheat Germ instead of flour in my cake pans.

By lahlbrand03/23/2007

I have never used it except in baking but my Mother put it on top of her yoghurt on her cereal, warm stuff like oatmeal, too.

By wirickbj (Guest Post)03/23/2007

i use it in any type baking.--cookies, breads, muffins. you can't taste the difference and it adds extra nutrition

By Pam (Guest Post)03/23/2007

I store wheat germ in the freezer. Use it making monster cookies or choc chip cookies. Add a tablespoon. It's good for you and it doesn't affect the outcome of your cookies!

Pam, ND

By Mary Lou [14]03/23/2007

Wheat germ is exactly what it sounds like, the germ or center from a wheat kernal. It is a good source of Vitamin E. Add it to your baking, meatloaf, stews even salads, but toast it first for the last use to make it a little crunchy. Be aware that it can go "off" easily, so use it as soon as possible, unless it is toasted. Keep in the fridge as well to ensure longer freshness.

RE: Recipes Using Wheat Germ

By (Guest Post)03/23/2007

I have wheat germ on hand at all times. It seems to store well in its original jar in my pantry... no unusual taste after long (months) storage. The only thing I use it for is to make homemade granola occasionally...the recipe for which is online somewhere I'm sure...sorry dont' have it with me.

By (Guest Post)03/23/2007

If you store it, put it in the freezer as it will turn rancid.

By (Guest Post)03/23/2007

Go to and put wheat germ in the ingredient search and a lot of recipes will come up using wheat germ. Some sound very good.

By Sheila Connolly03/22/2007

I use it regularly in homemade dog cookies. I also have a fruit and nut cookie that calls for it. I keep it as it never seems to go bad.

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