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Paper Valentine Wreath


Make a Valentine wreath from scrapbook paper. Wreath hanging on door.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • 12 by 12 inch double sided scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • double stick tape
  • 1/8 inch ribbon
  • small hole punch


  1. Cut 9 - 12 inch by 3/4 inch strips of paper, fold each in half.
  2. Bring the other ends together to form the heart, use a small piece of double sided tape.
  3. Strips of paper and heart shapes.

  4. Continue to do this with all 9 strips.
  5. Lay out the hearts to form a circle leaving a space in the center.
  6. Put about a 1/2" piece of tape on each heart to connect them together.

  7. To make the hanger punch a very small hole in two places (see photo), slip the ribbon through and make about three knots on top of each other so the ends don't come through.
  8. Cut 6 small hearts (same size) for the center area of the wreath. Glue or tape them to each other.
  9. Folder paper 3- D heart.

  10. Thread ribbon through the middle and tie three knots at the bottom so it does not slip through.
  11. Find the center heart when wreath is hung and punch a small hole at the tip of that heart. Slide the other end of the ribbon through and tie three knots so it does not slip through.
  12. Top and front view of wreath.

  13. You could use single sided paper and white glue, I just used what I had on hand, paper should have some weight to it though.

By NoRulesArt from sunny FL


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Love this idea! Thanks!

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