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The Left Side of My Face Hurts


I recently drank too much wine at a party. A week later, I have severe pain in my sinuses, mouth and throat on the left side of my face. Is this just a coincidence? The doctor thought I had strep, but I tested negative. Even my teeth hurt!

Patty from Woodbridge, VA


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By Kim (Guest Post) 12/04/2006 Flag

Did he check you for a sinus infection?

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By Paula Jo Carr, Mebane NC USA (Guest Post) 12/04/2006 Flag

I would suggest going to your dentist AS I had the same problem a few years back. I needed a ROOT CANAL and that pain was evidentally what was the beginning of the making of a dentist appointment.

Good luck!

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By kidsNclutter 188 12/04/2006 Flag

Sounds like a sinus infection, a severe one or total upper respiratory infection with the mouth, throat being sore also. The doctor should have made some sort of diagnosis. Antibiotics often are not necessary & are ineffective if it is a viral condition. Often they are prescribed to combat a secondary bacterial infection. Good advice is to wait & watch before taking any antibiotics. Decongestants, lozenges & cough formulas will treat the symptoms, help you feel better & recover. As will sipping warm liquids, whatever makes you feel better. While time & some TLC are often the best healers it is wise to go to a doctor for severe symptoms to rule out a serious ailment.

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By sandy 77 431 12/04/2006 Flag

i dont know why the wine would do anything if it was a week ago. how about sinus or ear infection?? i have had ear infection tremendous pain. it was swimmers ear.

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By mawmawto4 (Guest Post) 12/04/2006 Flag

My mother has facial pain on one side of her face. It was sharp pains but went away. Then a year later the pain came back with a vengence. She was diagnosed with trimengal neuralgia. I can't remember how to spell it exactly. It will not kill you but the neurolgist said it is extremely painful & it comes & goes like lightning shooting in your face. There is no cure, you have to take meds for seizures even though it is not seizures. There is surgery but it does not always work. You have to learn to control it & he said it is quite common but I had never heard of it. It is more common in women. If the pain persists, see a neurologist.

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By Dawn (Guest Post) 12/04/2006 Flag

Hi. This happened to my husband too. Believe it or not his was from too much ear wax down deep in his ears. It was pressing on the nerves there, and causing all of his pain. He went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The doctor removed the wax and he was fine after that. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon. God Bless.

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By eve (Guest Post) 12/04/2006 Flag

i was having trouble like that went to doctors never could help went to herb shop they told me it was a yeast infection in my head/ears she told me she fix me up some herbs that would help if i payed for the herbs she mixed olive oil and tea tree oil together i put put 7 drops in my ears in 1/12 hours my head was much better she said people think they have sinus infections but it is a yeast infection. i use tea tree all the time never have sinus problems. do it for my ears, gets down behind them on the inside earache is gone

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 12/04/2006 Flag

Sounds like you need to go back to your doctor and
tell her/him what you feel and let him diagnose this.
If you have an infection in your system you will soon
feel run down etc and do not let it go on for long.
Oh if you do suffer from sinus infections, I do my
ENT (ears, nose, throat doc) told me to stay away from Wine, Cheese, Chocolates or anything fermented during the infection as it makes it worse.

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By Claudia-MD (Guest Post) 12/05/2006 Flag

I agree that it is probably either a sinus infection or a tooth needing root canal. If your doc can't figure it out, I'd try the dentist next. After that, an ENT (ear,nose, & throat specialist.) But don't do nothing....this is likely something that won't go away on its own.

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By pam munro 522 790 12/05/2006 Flag

I just had the same problems - happens several times a year - to relieve tension/sinus pressure - apply hot heating pad to facial area & lie down - it will take a while - but you should feel the mucus draining down your throat - it will relieve the pressure -

I also take a little decongestant - not too much or it will create a counter irritation - and you can use saline solution to help sinuses- Also massage the tension from you neck area with massager - and you can use blue ice or other light formulation on face/neck muscles where there is tension & take ibuprofen for muscle ache.

It's a complex thing I have had to learn how to treat on my own. Unless it's a full blown sinus infection - antibiotics won't work - especially for the resulting facial tension - altho you should have your teeth checked - I have had looked at mine in the past & nothing was ever there!

The problem for me is a combination of sinus + headache + muscular tension + probably teeth grinding (causing jaw tension). And applying the heating pad helps all of this!

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By badwater 263 654 12/05/2006 Flag

I went to the Dr. yesterday, for the same symptoms you had. Mine wasn't from drinking wine. I have a sinus infection. I got meds for it. You should go to the Dr. for meds, too. Best of Luck!

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By susan 8 1,368 12/20/2006 Flag

There is only a thin wall separating the sinus cavity from the roots of the upper teeth, so often when one has a sinus infection, the teeth will ache too. For some reason, I have a tendency to clench my teeth when I sleep (and I have sinus infections) probably from the head pain, which makes my teeth ache more. It's an unconscious thing, but sure doesn't help.

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By booboo (Guest Post) 10/31/2008 Flag

The whole left side of my face hurts. It's been hurting off and on since the beginning of October. Mom said it was just sinus infection but I've been taking sinus pills and it isn't doing any good. I need help and haven't the $$ to go to the doc. I'm not sure what my problem is.

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03/17/2011 Flag

I have had an aching burning feeling in the right side of my face for years now. It comes and goes, but when it comes that side of my face fills up with fluid, forcing that side of my face to drop slightly. Please, please any suggestions?
When I went to the doctor he said they have no idea why it happens.

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