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Removing Sticker Glue from Wood Furniture

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A colorful wooden dresser.

Whether its from a price tag or your child decorating it, sticker glue can be tough to remove from furniture. It is important to find the right method to remove the glue so that you don't damage the wood. This is a guide about removing sticker glue from wood furniture.


Solutions: Removing Sticker Glue from Wood Furniture

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Tip: Removing Sticker Glue from Wood Furniture

Overtime, stickers can bond with the wood and they become very difficult to remove without leaving behind some of the paper and glue from the sticker. To remove the remaining sticker, dip a cloth in cooking oil and scrub the sticker. Repeat as necessary.

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Question: Removing Sticker From New Toilet

Can anyone tell me how to get the sticker off the new toilet. It will not come off easy.

Heleen from Palm Bay, FL


Most Recent Answer

By Bonnie Prather [3]11/27/2007

Another thing to try is Avon's Skin So Soft oil. I use it to take sticker residue off of glass and porcelin items. Works like a charm.