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Pastor Appreciation Ideas

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Pastor Appreciation

Your pastor is important to your family and community. Show them how much you appreciate their dedicated service with a creative gift idea, an event, or both. This is a guide about pastor appreciation ideas.



Here are questions related to Pastor Appreciation Ideas.

Question: Gift and Card Ideas for Your Pastor

I am needing ideas for cards and gifts for pastors.

By Reba from Pangburn, AR


Best Answers

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]12/15/2010

Hmm, if you know your pastor's food preferences, stock him or her (there are lady pastors these days!) up on basic groceries. Even with pastors being salaried, money is sometimes scarce. Another idea is to give the pastor and spouse, or the pastor's household, a night, weekend or longer, completely "away from it all." And don't call for the entire time, except in the most dire emergency! Pastors and their families live in a sort of pressure-cooker, like parents with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of children. They need and deserve a real break from time to time.

As far as a card, thank-you cards might be appropriate. If nothing strikes your fancy and you're a bit of a poet, why not write your own? The heartfelt sentiment will surely mean more than any store-bought card. And God bless you for thinking to honor your pastor's hard work and sacrifice.

Best Answers

By Wendy [7]12/14/2010

Aside from the gift card or cash idea, which is great, other great ideas would be to take out his car, fill it up with gas and have it detailed. Offer to babysit their kids one evening (if they are smaller) so they can have a night alone. Other things like offering to shovel snow, mow grass, etc. Gifts of service to the pastor, who is always serving others, are always highly appreciated. Source: My husband is an associate pastor and my pastor is our uncle. :)

Best Answers

By gem [150]12/14/2010

Being a PK myself we use to receive cash trees for Christmas. Back then Ministry was not a profitable task. My fathers take home pay was about 250.00 a week with no other allowances. Today one of the pastors makes over a thousand dollars a week. With all that said why don't you bake him something delicious. Never saw a preacher who didn't like to eat. Or if you can't bake a small gift card for him to take his fabulous wife out to dinner. You know behind every successful pastor stands a wonderful wife.
Good Luck,

Best Answers

By Veronica [10]12/13/2010

I would think a pastor would be easy to buy for, because they're usually pretty gracious about gifts. The Hunger Site ( sells inexpensive nativities and other ornaments that are Fair Trade certified and made around the world, they have some cute handmade creches and profits go to help feed the hungry. They also sell cards.

Question: Decorating For Pastor Appreciation

How should I decorate the table for our pastor on his appreciation day?



Best Answers

By Chayil [5]12/31/2008

You and your fellow congregants obviously care a great deal about your pastor and appreciate all he does for you as a pastor. But remember that he must have lived twenty, thirty, or more years before ever entering seminary. He's an entire, complete person, not just someone who gives sermons. So what's he like as a human being? Who is he as a man? Think about a theme and gifts that fit his personality as someone who is a human being, a man, a music or football lover, an art or history enthusiast, a collector of stamps or antiques or shot glasses... and also a pastor. Treat the entire man as an honoree, not just the guy who stands in front and talks in church. He'll realize you appreciate his pastoring, but also love and respect the man inside the black suit with the backwards collar.

Best Answers

By Edith [9]08/27/2008

How about getting a bed sheet (for the table cloth)and have people of the church, including children write messages to him. You could trim it with lace or fringe if anyone is handy in that way. It would be memorable, a keepsake and likely make his day. Let me know what you think. You could get markers for fabric so it could be laundered.

Best Answers

By Kim Churchman [3]08/26/2008

Many pastors play an instrument. I've wondered if it's part of the curriculum at seminary. If your pastor plays, you could use music notes as big confetti.

Best Answers

By akmom (Guest Post)08/25/2008

However you think the Pastor would like. If you don't know your Pastor well enough on a personal level to do that; try asking their assistant or someone close enough to know what they'd like.

You'd at least like to use their favorite colors or some theme they enjoy. If they garden, some plants with ribbons can be used which the Pastor can later plant in their garden. If they love sports, it would be fun to organize a sports oriented day and decorate according to their favorite sport.

If the Pastor has a pet project, decorating around that theme might be a good idea.

Question: Pastor Appreciation Service Ideas

How can I use Fruit of Spirit or 12 days of Christmas at a pastor appreciation service?

By Janie from Abingdon, VA

Best Answers

By ctor5110/12/2013

Please remember that not all pastors are "him". Most of these suggestions are geared toward male pastors. Ours is a lovely lady.
Thank you.

Best Answers

By eshanhol09/15/2013

Our theme was Thanks for Helping Us Grow. I bought foam flower shapes from a dollar store and glued a face photo of church congregation members on each. Then glued and taped shish kabob sticks to the back of each flower. Displayed them in vases.

Another theme was Feed the Sheep. I found a clip art body of a sheep and printed one for each congregation member. Then glued the face photos on each sheep. These were displayed on poster boards - one for women, one for men and one for children, with each person's name written on their sheep body. We always have a home cooked dinner and give gifts - usually money although we have a small church, so it's not a lot.

Question: Anniversary Gift Ideas for Pastor

I need a pastor anniversity gift ideas for a soldier in God's army.

By Patricia from Baton Rouge, LA

Most Recent Answer

By Sally Pifer [4]12/19/2014

I think a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, especially if he is married so that he and his wife can enjoy a date night.

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