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Pastor Appreciation Service Ideas

How can I use Fruit of Spirit or 12 days of Christmas at a pastor appreciation service?

By Janie from Abingdon, VA


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Our theme was Thanks for Helping Us Grow. I bought foam flower shapes from a dollar store and glued a face photo of church congregation members on each. Then glued and taped shish kabob sticks to the back of each flower. Displayed them in vases.

Another theme was Feed the Sheep. I found a clip art body of a sheep and printed one for each congregation member. Then glued the face photos on each sheep. These were displayed on poster boards - one for women, one for men and one for children, with each person's name written on their sheep body. We always have a home cooked dinner and give gifts - usually money although we have a small church, so it's not a lot.

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Please remember that not all pastors are "him". Most of these suggestions are geared toward male pastors. Ours is a lovely lady.
Thank you.

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I believe, besides a monetary blessing, creating a presentation centered around how Pastor and First Lady embody the fruit of the Spirit would bless their hearts. For example, how they embody love.

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I need some ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas, that can be rewritten to celebrate Youth Pastor Day.

By FaithGirl from Alto, GA


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August 11, 20090 found this helpful

I know this is a little early for this question but I want to get a jump on it and know ahead of time. I was wondering if you all had some good ideas on what to do for a pastor and his wife for Pastor Appreciation which is in October? Any ideas will greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

Teresa from VA


Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Especially with our economy the way it is now, even a pastor needs a monetary bonus and/or a recommendation for a raise. Celebrate this offering with a pot luck meal and thankful hugs, too :-) (08/11/2008)

By Deeli

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

(submitted via email)

I'm not sure that this will help you any. But I'm over special events at my church and Pastor Appreciation is one of my events. Last year we had a church parade inside. It was called Ministries on the move. Every ministry came up with their own themes and had signs that said "we love you", or "thank you", etc. Be Blessed.


Rikki (08/14/2008)

By jess

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

(sent in by email)

You mentioned that you are over your church for Pastor Appreciation activity. Can you tell me when Pastor Appreciation Day is this year? I know it is some time in October, but can you tell me what day it is? We want to do something special for our Pastor this year. Thanks. Be Blessed.


Editor's Note: October is Pastor Appreciation Month & Clergy Appreciation Day is the second Sunday in October (08/23/2008)

By ThriftyFun

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I am the children's pastor as well as the pastor's daughter. One year I had all the kids make signs with words of affirmation for the pastor and his wife. We then attached the signs to forks and loaded up all the kids on the bus and went to the pastor's house and forked his yard. When he came home and his car lights shined on all the hot pink and lime green signs it was hilarious. Pastor and his wife both got out of the car and were reading the signs and they loved it. (08/26/2008)


By phyllis

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

We took our pastor and his wife on a scavenger hunt around town. They followed the clues to each place where we had church members dressed in funny costumes holding a clue! The clues led them back to the church for a dinner and a greeting card full of money. As a bonus, we took pictures of them at each place with the clue and made a scrapbook for them! (09/10/2008)

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I am part of the student ministry team in my youth group. Last year for Pastor Appreciation Month, we bought a small journal with Bible verses already printed in it. We asked all of the youth to write a short note explaining why they were thankful for our youth pastor (we also promised it would not be read by anyone except our youth pastor). The notes could be as short as "Thank you for just being yourself", but many took up a page or two. Our youth pastor had no idea that we had planned anything, and just about cried when we presented the journal to him at the end of the month. The next day I received an e-mail from him saying that he was on a high all night, and that day because of all the nice things everyone said to him. (09/11/2008)


By Rachel

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

This year we plan to take a picture of our church and have it enlarged to 16"x20". We will have all the congregation write a brief message, or simply sign the matte and present it to our pastor. (09/17/2008)

By Carole

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

One year we wrote the song 12 days of Christmas, all about the Pastor and his wife. We let the children sing it. It was received with a standing ovation. (10/06/2008)

By Lucille C

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I am in charge of pastor appreciation, and one year I got him gift certificates for restaurants around his work for 5 days of the week so he could have lunch out all week! I packed them in a brown lunch bag for presentation. We also give a monetary gift and something special for his wife. (10/24/2008)


Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I had to come up with something for the kids to give the Pastor. I wanted to do something fun, so we got a basket and then went out and bought a bunch of stuff that would be useful, but had double meaning. I then had the best reader in the class go up front and explain what each item in the basket was there for. As he mentioned an item, one of the kids would hold it up and place it in the empty basket the Pastor was holding. The church was hysterical laughing and the Pastor loved it.

Some Items included:
-A box of tissues for spiritual tears. (Our pastor cries a lot)
-Bengay: for the backache you'll get carrying the sheep.
-Mint mouth spray: So you'll always be a breath of fresh air
-Ginko Biloba: for memory so you won't forget your sermons
-Lint tape roller: Cause life can get Hairy!
-Dunkin Donuts coffee: To keep you awake Saturday night as you ponder what to preach on Sunday...
-A flashlight: to light the way in times of Darkness
-Clay: to remind you of who you are in the Potter's hand.
-Benefiber: Let's face it, with so much to do, we can all get backed up!
-A can of mixed nuts: to remind you of your congregation that loves you! :) (10/26/2008)

By postcop

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I was the chairman of our pastor's anniversary last year. We decorated the church like an island and sat them at a pub table. It was awesome. We had a candlelight ceremony. One of the youth told them what all this meant. Each candle light was a life that he or his wife had touched. (10/30/2008)

By alice

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Hello, I appreciate all of the wonderful ideas. If you can do something special for your pastor, I'd encourage you to do so. I can say that the blessing I received was much more than I gave, in thank you's and laughter. I borrowed one idea from this site for my pastor and his family, and came up with a great idea for the assistant Pastor and his wife.

I confess, I made neon colored signs and "Forked" my pastor's yard. They loved it, and are still talking about it. I will never live the forking down, lol. For the assistant pastor and his wife, I purchased helium balloons. All star shaped and 1 smiley face balloon. I wrote in cards, "my pastor and his wife are...." and filled the blank with the things I appreciate about them.

I hung a note card from the bottom of every balloon and lined them up the sidewalk of their home (each balloon had a weight). The assistant Pastor and his wife said they enjoyed coming home to all of the balloons and reading all of the notes. Thanks again for all of the great ideas. Only By His Grace, Renee' (11/09/2008)

By Renee'

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

My father has been the pastor of our church for forty years now. Many churches don't supply a retirement and pastors receive low pay for their work. We decided after 38 years that he and my mother deserved some security for their golden years, so the church signed the parsonage over to them as long as they live, even after he retires. Should my father die first my mother will not have to worry about losing her home. This was such a blessing to them and as a daughter I was so happy to see them honored for so many years of service in a truly long lasting way. (12/22/2008)

By Judy R.

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Ask members of your church to spend only $6. It works out better if you know just what brands the pastor and his family use within their home. Spend your $6 on household items: tissue, soap, toothpaste, paper towels, etc. I had such a great response from my church family when I suggested we do this for pastor and his family and our first lady was too proud. Hope you like this idea and god bless you as you seek to make provisions for your pastor. (02/16/2009)

By big98red

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August 9, 20080 found this helpful

I need pastor appreciation ideas, such as decorations for a party and entertainment and events.

Mrs. Callahan from San Antonio, Texas


Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Have everyone in the congregation write him a note-very personal and appreciated! (03/12/2007)

By Diana

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Last year we had our children's department make a candy board and present it to the Pastor during a BBQ fellowship we had for him. He loved it. Replace words with candy bars: Kudos to you; Thank you for sharing with us that Jesus is a Lifesaver, etc.
This year I've asked different people in the church to take pictures throughout the year of Pastor serving: preaching, praying for people, pulling weeds on church work day, etc. At Costco you can get small posters for about $2.00. I want to get a bunch of these from the pictures and decorate the church with them. I'm not sure if we'll have another BBQ or maybe go to a local restaurant. (04/07/2007)

By Darlene

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

At my church, we take up a Pastor's Appreciation offering every 2nd Sunday of the month to add to our fund! And then every year on the 1st Sunday in June we have PASTOR APPRECIATION SUNDAY - where we shower our pastor, his wife, and their son with gifts and present them with the total amount that we have taken up over that year.

Our pastor loves home-cooked food, too. So we have a big church-potluck and everyone cooks his favorite food - home cooked.

:) He's always tremendously grateful. We normally give anywhere them $1200-$1500 annually. Which is awesome because he does not take a salary. (05/11/2007)

By Channing Francis

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

This will be my third year organizing the Pastor Appreciation Service. We do it the second Sunday of October. The first year my son & I performed a cute skit about the Pastor and church members gave short speeches telling why they appreciated him. The second year the Youth group put on a play for him and also read poems. We had his 15 year old son give a short Bible reading. This year we are blessed with lady who sews really well. So she is going to make a quilt which we will hang on a dowel, so he can hang it in his office. After she gets it made we are going to have our church members pick a square and write a note using fabric paint. I have not planned the service yet. We also take up offerings and buy them gifts. Last year we bought the Pastor a gift certificate to his favorite golf club, a manicure/pedicure for his wife, and a gift certificate to the local steak house. We presented the restaurant certificate to his son and said something like we realize how much of your father's time that you sacrifice for us and our church and we would like to treat the whole family to dinner to give you some of that time back. I don't know if you will like these ideas, but there they are if you think your Pastor would appreciate any of them. (08/26/2007)

By Terry

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I've taken a blank October calendar and asked members to volunteer to sign up for a "day" leaving a contact telephone number. I call and remind them the day before that tomorrow is their "day" to make the pastor feel special. The members can do anything they want from gifts and cards to money or acts of kindness or service. The pastor has no idea what is going to happen the next day! He was overwhelmed! (09/29/2007)

By TPK from GA

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I'm making a book for our pastor. I'm handing out card stock paper to each member that wants to decorate a page. Each one is responsible for doing their own page, even our toddlers can scribble. Then the pages will be laminated and the book will be bound. This will give him a little piece of everyone. (10/03/2007)

By Tracy

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

As a wife of a Pastor I can say that you do not have to spend an abundance of money to show your pastor appreciation. First thing that speaks volumes to your pastor is your support to him. - Faithfully attending every service and participate in what's going on will help give him that inspiration that he needs. Remember that empty pews speaks negatively to your pastor. Secondly....simply say "Thank you" regularly. How would you feel if you reported to your job every day and your boss never expressed that you did a good job? That's how a pastor feels when he gets no feedback on his sermons....he constantly wonders if he's doing a good job. Thirdly cut the criticism.....many people are quick to criticize, but slow to encourage. Realize that there are MANY things that happen within a church community that you don't know about, and because you don't see what he does, your small criticism digs much deeper than what you realize. Remember what mama taught....."If you don't have nothing nice to say...don't say anything at all!" These few things are a great start, but you can host a dinner in his honor with his favorite foods. Honor his family because they live under extreme pressures living with a minister. Make a memory scrap book highlighting different areas of his ministry. Wash his car, mow the grass, make a bulletin board in his honor, put jokes or small articles in the church bulletin each week. It doesn't take much to make your pastor feel him, his family and tell him regularly that you appreciate his work, and that will speak volumes to him. (10/03/2007)

By Amy Revels

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Our theme was fruit of the spirit we select 9 member out of the church to speak on each fruit how our pastor has touch their life we decorate each table with fruits. This was done in a Banquet setting. (10/03/2007)

By Gertrude Price

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

What about combining all these great ideas on a sign up sheet and have everyone sign up for the way they chose to show appreciation and have them spaced out throughout the month so the Pastors are blessed on a regular basis during the month or through the entire year. Thanks for the ideas on this site! God bless all our Pastors! (10/03/2007)

By Susan

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I have been a pastors daughter for over 25 years and have seen many wonderful expressions of thanks. Whatever you do don't forget the pastors wife, for she carries the load also. One example my parents really appreciate is a dear lady at our church at different times throughout the year will sneak and leave snacks, cards, gifts, the newspaper, ect.. at their front door. If caught in the act she will giggle and say "It must be pastor appreciation month." Anyone would love to open their front door in the morning and have a pleasant surprise waiting for them. Most of all BE SUPPORTIVE and be a low maintenance saint. (10/16/2007)

By Busy Bee

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Give flowers to pastors lady as appreciation for taking a big role of help in pastors life, for all of us to be able to receive what is on his heart due to what God is wanting us to receive (10/19/2007)

By elsaa

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

We had a gift card tree last year at our Pastor appreciation and our pastor and family loved it. Don't forget to get cards for the children as well as the Pastor and his wife. (02/29/2008)

By Cathy

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

We had a black carpet event. Everyone wore their best gowns and suits. The pastor was escorted in by a member and his wife. We showed different slides of the pastor as he was on his journey as a pastor. Accomplishment that he had achieved. We had many speakers that limited their gratitude to 3 minutes. It was wonderful, it was a BALL! (04/22/2008)

By Latrice

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

THIS IS YOUR LIFE. For our pastors 25th anniversary we put on a skit that spanned his life (prior to and up to his call to preach). The chairperson over the event had to go to his old neighborhood and previous church members (including his wife) and find out about different events in his life that lead to him accepting the role as pastor of our church.

The skit included church members, acting, directing, creating props, costumes and singing (he liked Gladys Knight). We referenced when he left for the Navy, his meeting and marriage to our first lady, her teaching Sunday school and having 4 children, a family camping trip when a Bear chased him, the day he received his call to preach and the day he accepted the pastors position.

The complete skit took about an hour and it was very entertaining. Our pastor laughed during the skit but cried tears of joy as he wondered how did they know about all of that! It was a great success for him and the we will never forget. (04/23/2008)

By Janice

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I planned our PAD last year and it was awesome. First we added the element of surprise! We were somehow able to keep the date from our Pastor without anyone giving our secret away. Next, we got a special speaker whom she never would have guessed to come in and do the sermon. Our children sang a special song, our drama team mimed three songs including Thank You, her son and daughter-in-law came from out of town to lead praise and worship, we had a candlelight ceremony, and hosted a banquet after service, where we gave her a new laptop, bible library, printer, and all the fixins! We also gave her husband several gifts (he loves to fish). The children made things for them as well. Also, before service, we passed out special bulletins with PAD offering envelopes in case someone wanted to do a monetary gift. Then to wrap it up, we had everyone sign up for a day for the next 30 days to let her and her family know how much they were appreciated. It was BEAUTIFUL!! And all that for a church of about 50!! Anyone can have an awesome Pastor's Appreciation Day if they really pray and put their mind to it. I love doing things like this, and I enjoy sharing ideas. (04/25/2008)

By Melissa from SC

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

An air of excitement comes over the congregation each year for the Pastor's Anniversary. We did a trip around the world, where we provided gift certificates to different restaurants. "We're sending you on a trip around the world, first class in your own car, a gas card has been provided. your first stop will be the International House of Pancakes, where you can dine on Belgium Waffles. Your next stop you'll be having lunch cruise over to.....for dinner. You get the idea.

One year we did everything monogram and gave our first lady a beautiful locket with her favorite scripture engraved (just the book, chapter and verse).

Last year our theme was serving like the Savior and each auxiliary president presented him with a gift (money) on a silver chargers. Each person had on a white chef apron with white napkin draped across their arm, then each approached him, bowed and said something about service and he removed the gift from the tray. Really, really cute. Remember it is not so much about the gift, but the presentation of the gift. (05/18/2008)

By M and M

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

I have been doing pa day for years at our church. My favorite was a man and wife team. He is a chalk artist and she a ventriloquist. He draws while we listen to music and a sermon and roasted the paster after our pot luck dinner. It was great fun. the chalk art will hang in his office. (06/30/2008)

By barb

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