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Inexpensive Remodeling Supplies

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We are buying a new house it is a fixer upper but it will be wonderful when it's done. we need a few things, we need insulation, sheet rock, paint and we also need a 27' pool liner and cover. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as for we are not financially well off.

Tania C of Batesville Ar.



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By donna magan (Guest Post)05/26/2005

Have you considered joining your nearest "freecycle" group online? You would not BELIEVE the items that become available for pick-up!

By Marge Mayhew [2]05/25/2005

Look for a "Re-Store" location. It is a store full of donated, used items. They have paint, lumber, doors, trim, cabinets, appliances, light fixtures......the list is endless! It is run by Habitat for Humanity, which is a wonderful organization! They can be found in many areas. Do a search for Habitat for Humanity home page. That site will give you information by state and county so you can find one near you. Our "Re-Store" is only open part of the week as it is staffed by volunteers. Be sure to check the days and times the store is open in your area. Enjoy fixing up your home! It's a worthwhile project!

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