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Removing Permanent Marker on Fabric

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My daughter wrote her name using permanent marker inside her backpack and I'm trying to remove her name so my other daughter can use it. Inside her backpack is fabric and it's very hard to remove the marker; is there any remedy? The backpack is Louis Vuitton.

By Marlina from Jacksonville, FL


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By Leigh [3]01/30/2011

Why not cover the area with an iron on patch and write the new name some where else? Or glue/sew a piece of fabric to cover the old name and write on that.


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Question: Removing Permanent Marker from Fabric

How do I remove a felt tip or permanent marker pen line from a white cotton duvet cover?

By Carol

Most Recent Answer

By barby bartle [1]09/28/2011

Krud Kutter will remove it use a cloth (white) under it and spray it and blot with clean white cloth it is fabulous stuff. It removed very florescent pink paint from my husband's camo jacket when the nozzle leaked on to it. This stuff is the most amazing stuff. Get it at Lowes. I bought a gallon and used it to remove 40 year old wall paper that had been painted over numerous times and worked like a charm. Have used it to remove just about anything with out fail. I use it in a spray bottle undiluted.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Removing Permanent Marker on Fabric

A friend's aunt was robbed several times about 20 years ago. Police told her to put her initials on everything, so she did, including on a beautiful white quilt with brightly colored appliques. She took black permanent marker and put her initials on the top and bottom sides of the quilt, in the corners and side edges. Each one looks different. Had they been embroidered it would have been okay.

I've read the suggestions, but my question is, has anyone had better luck with a particular product on removing permanent marker that has been on the cloth for over 20 years? Fortunately, some of the initials are only on the white cloth, so the bright colors won't be affected. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

By Judy from Cleveland, OH

RE: Removing Permanent Marker on Fabric

This is from: First, place a stack of paper towels on a hard surface and place the garment with the stained side facing down on top of the stack. Since the paper towels will be used to absorb the stain, it is best to use a better quality, highly absorbent brand. This will cut down on the number of applications necessary to fully remove the marker.

Pour the rubbing alcohol over the marker in small spurts, making sure that the entire surface area of the stain is soaked. With a clean stack of paper towels on top of the garment, begin to gently press the stain into the stack underneath. Take care not to rub the garment, as this will only cause the stain to bleed, as well as put excess wear on the threading. Any brand of rubbing alcohol will suffice for this job, and most households commonly have rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet. Remove the soiled paper towels and, if necessary, repeat the process several times with clean towels until the marker is fully removed.

Thicker materials, such as sweatshirts, will require you to repeat this process multiple times in order to remove the stain. Blessings. (02/05/2010)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Removing Permanent Marker on Fabric

I had this problem with pillowcases I bought at a garage sale. I tried everything, but it would not come out. Finally I covered it with whiteout (for typewriter mistakes). It wasn't perfect, but good enough. White paint might work too. (02/08/2010)

By Lizzyanny

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