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There are 4 of us and I am the only one who will wash dishes. I work full time and have too much to do. A dirty kitchen makes me want to run to a take out restaurant. A clean kitchen allows me to think and organize myself and get a meal organized. I have tried to enlist the help of others and it doesn't work. If there was someone I could hire one hour a day I would, but there's not. What do others do to keep up with the kitchen?

By Helen


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By redhatterb 1 672 03/24/2012

If the others are kids, you have to grow a backbone and become boss. If you can't make them do the dishes, put away all the extra dishes, so that you only have enough dishes available for four people. When they get hungry and don't see any clean dishes, they will start doing the dishes. When you, yourself are ready to eat, just wash the dishes that you will use and leave the rest.

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 03/24/2012

I am also of the opinion that there should not be as many dishes as there are people. If all do the dishes that is fine. I have been known to have only two plates and two forks, and people can take turns. I don't like the kitchen overrun with dishes. You can just take the extra plates, forks, knives and hide them where no one can find them. In severe cases, paper cups and paper plates and plastic dinnerware.

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By Deanj 03/24/2012

A little tough love, Helen. Assign a different person to wash the dishes each day to your satisfaction. If they balk,explain that each person will have to make their own food dishes if they don't want to cooperate. Then make your own meal.

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