Getting Gasoline Smell out of Van


How can you remove odor from gasoline spill on carpeting in van?

Zionchief from Zion, IL


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By Lynn Marler 43 117 08/24/2006

I heard that you can dampen the carpet (like with a spray bottle of water) and then sprinkle fresh, unused coffee grounds on it and leave for at least a few hours (overnight would probably be better). Then vacuum it up.

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By (Guest Post) 08/27/2006

Shampoo carpet very well, may have to do a couple of times, when completely dry sprinkle dried fresh coffee grounds on that area, may have to leave for a couple of weeks, don't dampen as the coffee will stain the carpet. I have used it successfully for removing cat urin from floor.

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By (Guest Post) 09/04/2006

I have a new van and it smells like dirty socks and i cant get rid of the smell. Ive washed the carpets 4 times cleaned the seats and it is still there

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By Kahlee (Guest Post) 09/11/2006

My parents spilled a gas container with about 6 gallonds of gas in it and it has been smelling like gas for the past month or 2 I need help

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By Martin Meyer (Guest Post) 01/21/2007

Soak the area where the gasoline was spilled with Dawn detergent and water (about the same mixture you would use to wash dishes) and allow to soak for several minutes. With a wet/dry vac vacuum out the spent detergent, and rinse with plain water several times. Then wet the area with a 30 part water, 1 part OdorXit Concentrate mixture and allow to dry naturally.

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By Pat (Guest Post) 04/25/2008

So Simple! Slice up a few raw potatoes, skins and all and layer over gas smell. Leave for a day (or nite).

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By Amanda (Guest Post) 09/08/2008

Try the advice at

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By Paul P. (Guest Post) 12/07/2008

You will need Dawn Dish Detergent, plenty of water, Shop vac , and DL Permatex Hand Cleaner. All I did was, Shampoo carpet about 3 to 4 times with dawn dish washing liquid, vacuum out, then I smeared DL Permatex Hand Cleaner in erea and let it sit for about 20 min then vacuum it out. Then your choice of air freshener, referable. frebreeze

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Archive: Getting Gasoline Smell out of Van

My mom spilled some gas in the back of her minivan on the carpet. Any suggestions on how to get the smell out?

Wendy from Wescosville

RE: Getting Gasoline Smell out of Van

Try baking soda, pour on, let stand, vac out next day. Or try something like Fabreze. You might need to actually use a carpet cleaner like Resolve to remove the gasoline from the rug. (05/28/2004)

By Linda

RE: Getting Gasoline Smell out of Van

I just had the same thing happen to me but almost a whole gallon spilled on the back mat. Even though I think most all was contained on the mat which I have removed, the van stinks. I tried "Capture" carpet cleaner which is similar to the baking soda idea (I didn't use the spray part of it, just the sprinkle-on stuff to absorb any splattered gasoline) and then I've been keeping the back hatch open as much as I can. I noticed the best result yesterday as it was a windy day and I think some of it must have evaporated--but I think I still have a ways to go. Thinking of just tossing the mat as it really reeks! (09/29/2004)

By Lori

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