Home Remedies for Psoriasis

I'm 20 years old. I've had guttate psoriasis since I was 6. I've tried about 5 different topical medications, I've tried tanning for a few minutes about 3x a week. I've tried getting a lot of sunlight (but this would only work briefly and it would come back shorty thereafter).

I just recently downloaded "Psoriasis free for life" www.psoriasisfreeforlife.com and there was a lot of information on eating a lot of certain things, and mixing different oils and such together. Pretty much an all natural route. I've been following it for about 2 weeks with no results (not as dried out, but still red and patchy).


I've tried so many things and nothing seems to work. Do you know anything about psoriasis and some good methods of treating it? And do you know of any support groups for psoriasis sufferers?

By J.H from Webster, MA

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I develop psoriasis on my scalp every now and then and the only thing that helps it at all is to follow my dermatologists instructions and that is to use a shampoo that he prescribed, one day, the next day use T-SAL shampoo, the next day use your regular shampoo. Each day, morning and evening apply a lotion that he prescribed(this doesn't) make the hair look real great, but it works. The dermatologist also told me that psoriasis is genetic and can lay dormant for generations. He said things like stress can make it flare up, and the fact that I am diabetic can make it flare up too. I don't know if this is any help to you, but have you seen a dermatologist?

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Baking soda. Dissolve 1-2 cups of baking soda in lukewarm bathwater. This has helped me control my psoriasis. Hope this helps.

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Don't stop with 2 weeks of following the treatment where you saw success. Try 4-6 months for a true evaluation. Is it worth it? Your decision.

The Tgel my son used for awhile. Finally he decided wearing the shortest haircut his wife would trim on his head, keep it clean, try not to wear hats as much as he does (farming, necessity for hats).

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I have the type of psoriasis that only affects my hands and feet but it can get very itchy and so severe I can't use my hands or walk. It is now under control with a medicine called Soriatane. You can't use it during child bearing years though. Go to a dermatologist. Don't get into all those ads and waste your money like I did on all those treatments they advertise. They don't work. The best thing over the counter is plain ole' vaseline applied after shower to keep the skin moist and healthy. Purchasing anything more than that is throwing your money away. Juniper was a biblical cure and they have those pills at health food stores. Google Psoriasis Group Support and your town. I am in Kansas City and we have a support group here. Good luck to you, I know psoriasis can be miserable.

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My son has this on his scalp. We keep his hair buzzed and I spray Listerine on the affected areas, it keeps the scales off and lightens it up quite a lot. I do this every week or so. It seems to keep it under control. My hair stylist told me about it.

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PS: My dematologist recommended I use CeraVe Cream and Vaseline. He said CeraVe is the best available cream. It is available in lotion or cream but he told me to use the cream. It sells for about 14$ a jar at Walmart/Walgreens, etc..

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My daddy had psoriasis so bad that it was on his scalp, knees, elbows and shins. He was in a study program about a quarter of a century ago where he was using a medication in conjunction with tanning three days a week. The psoriasis went away after about two months but it was not a 'cure'. He had to keep doing it to keep the psoriasis away.

Unfortunately my daddy is no longer here with us (not because of psoriasis or the medication but because of an inherited heart disease) to tell me what medication it was but you might want to ask your dermatologist if he knows anything about that study. It could have been the medication that Gondodeb mentions here but also keep in mind what T&T Grandma mentions here about being patient with your current medication because nothing will work overnight.

Have you tried Googling "Diet to relieve Psoriasis"?

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I've had the problem too, off and on for years. I find that tea tree oil soap from Trader Joe's helps me quite a bit. It's a natural antiseptic. Also, I find bathing in the ocean (painful some times) helps ( salt water is also a natural antiseptic). Hope this might help you.

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For years I had what's called pusular psoriasis on my hands and feet. It was very painful, they were like little pimples all over the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet. Anyway, I started taking probiotics and noticed after several months that I was not getting them anymore! My hands and feet have been clear of psoriasis for over three years now. My palms and feet used to be totally covered with it, but now only once in awhile will one or two pop up.

I have been using Dr. Ohirra's probiotics for approximately 1 year and prior to that I used Nature's Way Primadophlis Optima.

Perhaps this will help you. I would suggest taking them for at least 6 months to see if they will help. Unfortunately, they are not cheap. It will cost from about $30 to $45 for 60 capsules.

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These from my files collected from various sources:

don't know if it was for psoriasis or what, but I know that Bag Balm or Udder Balm has been very effective for a family friend with a skin condition (pretty sure it was psoriasis). You should be able to get it at Walmart or a health food store. Comes in a green tin. It's very effective, but I don't know what all it has in it.

This may sound too simple but in clinical trial it has worked for Psoriasis. Your dad may want to try Aloe vera gel topically. It is supposed to heal 83% of the patients if you believe the research. If he has a lot of scaling and cracking making a tea of Wild Pansy(Viola tricolor)and washing the area with this tea before applying the aloe gel may also help.


Someone else suggested using Hemp Seed Oil to externally rub on the affected areas. Also to take Flax Seed Oil internally

Also drink lots of water.

I have some mild psoriasis in my ears of all places. What has worked for me even better than prescription meds is tea tree oil. I dab it on with a Q-tip and within 2 or 3 days, it is gone.

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I've known two people whose doc told them to use the Aveeno lotion that's in the medical section, not the kind just with the other lotions. It has some ingredient added, and will say it on the label. Something like " With added ......" I just cant remember the word. Good luck. Those two said it was a miracle worker!

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If all else fails, try Humera. It worked for my sister and she had tried everything. It is expensive but she qualified for help in payment.

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I have found that neem oil from the Indian Neem Tree is soothing and excellent. Can be found on eBAY.

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Does anyone out there know of a way of controlling psoriasis on the skin that is inexpensive and actually works. It's driving me up the wall. I can't find anything that works.

By sharylesley from South AU


Home Remedies for Psoriasis

There is no "cure" for psoriasis. It is a condition with long term effects. If the home remedies recommended don't work, then you need to see your doctor, or dermatologist, to be sure that that is really what you have, and see what they recommend. (07/13/2009)

By fatboyslimsmom

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Try goat soap. My partner swears by it. (07/14/2009)

By purdy

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

After your shower or bath when skin is still wet rub areas with towel, then "finger" rub areas to remove the scales. If you shower at night then put full strength apple cider vinegar on your skin using a cosmetic pad and leave on overnight. The vinegar smell will fade away after a bit. And it helps control the itching.

If you shower in the morning still do the vinegar at night. In the morning use any good moisturizing lotion on the areas. If there is scale buildup I use one of those pads you buy to clean flat glass stove tops and gently rub the areas removing the scales because anything you use hinges on it being able to get to the skin. It took a few months, but I find that the area becomes clear, no scales and redness is diminished.

Vinegar is not a harmful drug so is safer to use. It may sting or burn a bit at times if you had to be aggressive with the scales, but that goes away fast. When I can I get some sun naturally by taking a walk without sunscreen to tan my arms and backs of hands especially and it helps mask the redness, too. Psoriasis is an immune disorder and you never really can rid yourself of it unless you take prescription drugs off and on that have way too many side effects.

I have had it since I was 14 years old and it got much worse when I found I had diabetes and low thyroid. It was heartbreaking to find that now it was here with me all year long and not just in the winter months in spots. If tend to get lazy doing this and after a long while the scales begin to return so I scold myself and get back to it. You can use olive oil or peanut oil to help soften scales so they remove easier like putting it on before shower or bath, descaling, then taking your shower or bath.

There is also one prescription cream Fluocinanide 0.05% that I use off and on for around eyes and on cheeks because you don't want to use vinegar near your eyes. Since it is a drug I don't like using it on a large area on continual basis. Good luck and don't be afraid to read and try things that might help. (07/14/2009)

By itsagift

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

I have been so lucky to only have very small spots, usually one at a time. When they do pop up, it is usually on my stomach, penny or nickel size. I cover the spot with Vaseline and a band aid. I change the band aid and re-apply Vaseline twice daily and most times by the 4th day the spot is gone. My sister has it very bad, completely covered, but she won't try my Vaseline. She has noticed that stress makes it flare up big time and chlorine bleach, in washer or in swimming pool helps clear it up. Good luck with this terrible condition. (07/14/2009)

By kwinters

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

There was an article in our local newspaper a month or so back talking about skin issues such as this. A doctor recommends this to his patients and apparently it has worked quite well. Put a 1/4 cup bleach (yes, bleach) into a bathtub of warm water. It's dilute enough so its not strong, but apparently does something to the bacteria that causes the problem. Can't hurt and worth a shot. (07/14/2009)

By knitter06040

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Sunshine! My hubby has it and the sun helps. Also, in the winter he goes to the tanning bed. Cortisone cream helps with the itching as well. The more stress he has the more it flares up.

I've also switched to moisturizing fragrance free soaps, and fragrance free detergents, and fabric softeners, too.

Also we noticed that if something works, it's short term. We are always trying new things. (07/14/2009)

By dvg

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

I have Psoriasis and have never found anything that works long term. I use a pumice stone every time I shower on my elbows, worse part afflicted. The heat makes it worse and inverse psoriasis is horrendous. I have heard that swimming in chlorine helps, as does not stressing out. Good luck to everyone, I have tried Sayman salve, sulfur ointment, and OTC creams. Nothing works long term. (07/14/2009)

By Ladylynnk

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

While I am in the shower I put on a thin layer of olive oil. I have had psoriasis since I was 15 and have used a lot of medicines and this has helped me so much. I have learned that different things work differently all the time, if it does not help right now then try again at another time. But so far out of all the medications just the simple olive oil has helped the most. I wish I would have discovered it years ago. (07/14/2009)

By l99lynn

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

I heard that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the affected area will help. Good luck! (07/17/2009)

By Lynn from CA.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

For myself, as well as, my daughter we use a bar of soap (can't let it sit in water) called all-purpose soap from Neutrogena. It was designed as a face wash soap, but when we went to visit family and were out of body wash I decided instead of calling out to someone I would try that instead. It actually made it feel better. (09/09/2009)

By itzy

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