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Ink Stains on Polyester Clothing


How do I get ink stains out of polyester clothing?

Scot from Wilburton, OK



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By Holly (Guest Post) 11/11/2008 Flag

You can try saturating the stain with hair spray and letting it sit a minute before rinsing it off. You may have to try it several times.

A word of caution, I have only done it with cotton; but it works like a charm, and don't panic if the stain seems to spread. It did on mine as well, but then all came out.

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By Laura (Guest Post) 11/11/2008 Flag

There is a product called Carbona, it has different numbers for different stains. Find the number that matches your stain and use it. I bought a very nice blouse from the thrift store and was able to get off the makeup stains that were on it, with this product. It only costs about $2.50 and you can find it in your regular grocery store.

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By guest (Guest Post) 11/12/2008 Flag

I had a red pen explode on my hands and all over a pair of beige polyester pants. I used hairspray and blotted the ink with pieces of toiled paper until all the ink came out. It took some time, and a bit of hairspray. It was a lot of ink, but it worked and I saved the pants! I've never tried rinsing them with water between hairspray squirts; I wasn't sure if the water would make the hairspray not work well.

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