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How Can I Alter a Blouse To Make It Larger?

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My brother-in-law got me a beautiful blouse in China. But I think the language barrier got in the way and he purchased a child's size. The front material is gorgeous and the back is plain black crepe, with a mandarin collar. I need about 8 inches more in width in the back and some more room in the sleeves. Can anyone think of a way to make this that much bigger? Or how can I use the front material and sew into another Asian inspired blouse? The front brocade material is a very traditional Asian print. Thanks.

By Fran from Dallas, TX


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By carla11/03/2010

The side seams would work, or else you could cut a slit down the middle of the back and insert a triangular piece of coordinating fabric which would widen the back to have a slight wider hem area which is oriental looking.
Probably, I would do the side seams with pieces of coordinating fabric that is patch worked in long strips of coordinated colors and fabrics. Or if nothing else works, perhaps make a beautiful one of a kind bag out of the top, and use the top of the shirt cut out and finished as a dickey for under sweaters. I don't know the value of the fabric.
Hope it works out for you.

By Stephanie [108]11/02/2010

You might be able to add solid color cuffs and either border a large square of the back or add side panels to make the blouse larger. Black would set off most oriental fabrics. You could also keep the front and use a solid color for the back. My aunt is an avid quilter and has made all sorts of interesting tops this way. I have a fabulous vest that was made from too little fabric that she then bordered and added two inch quilter squares around the outside. It looks great and is really unique.

By Joan [13]11/02/2010

I guess I would go with using the front to make a different blouse, if you can find a pattern that it would work on.

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