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Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion


I have a burn mark from the heater on the back of my beige couches. I guess I put the couches in front of the heater for a long time. Please help how do I get rid of those marks. Need help ASAP. Thanks a lot.

Kashmira from NA



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By Ed (Guest Post) 11/02/2007 Flag

Thanks for the tip re the coin, I've just tried it with a £2.00 coin and it worked!! great! thanks!

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By Debbie (Guest Post) 08/28/2008 Flag

My grandson accidentally left his hot cup of tea on the arm of my sofa and it as left a white ring on the arm tried to put some polish on it but it didn't work any ideas how to remove it thanks Debbie

Editor's Note: Look at this for furniture rings:

Iron and a Cloth
Keep it simple, quick and clean... It may sound counter-intuitive but, just use a hot iron on dry heat and a dishtowel. Place a soft cotton dishtowel over the area of the tabletop containing the heat ring(s) and apply the iron to the towel surface, moving the iron over the affected area. With sufficient heat, in about 20-30 seconds, the rings will disappear like magic! Gets rid of the accidental grey coffee mug rings from my cherry dining table (that even form through the tablecloth) every time! (03/18/2006)
By Dave

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Question: Burn Mark on Leather Sofa

My mother has accidentally placed the hot iron on the leather sofa leaving a burn mark of the iron on it,. Any ideas on how to tackle this problem?

By Allan

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Archive: Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion

Does anyone know how to get burn marks out of sofa cushions or where I can go to get the cushion fixed? My niece mistakenly decided to iron her shirt on our couch and there are some burn marks.



RE: Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion

The side of the coin works. I was ironing on the sofa. Yeah I know. I rubbed it with the side of a coin for ten minutes..what a relief.. praying as you rub doesn't hurt either..husband would have been hysterical if he saw it!! Its gone now.. thanks for the advice..

By burn-free

RE: Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion

The fabric is a cloth, thick like with a pattern design.
How would I attach the material to cover the burn and keep the fabric from stretching and falling apart?

By Lou

RE: Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion

You most likely will not be able to match up the fabric; if your sofa backs up to a wall all the time, you can remove the back fabric and use this to replace the section with the burn. Save the left over fabric for another repair!

Get a piece of fabric that would blend with your sofa and attach that to the back of the sofa. Who will know?

I did this once on a Lazy Boy recliner when the seat and piping was worn.

By syd

RE: Burn Marks on Sofa Cushion

I have read if you rub the burn with the side of a coin it removes it, mind you that is probably for the likes of a cigarette burn, hope this may help you anyway.

By Apricot

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