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Bad Odors When Our Furnace Turns On


Can someone help? We bought an older home that once housed 3 small boys. Now, whenever my furnace kicks on, there is a terrible urine odor in my bathroom. How do I get rid of this? I have tried bleach, pine and just about everything else. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Pam from WI



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By laurie 19 01/26/2006

One of the little kidlets urinated in the heater vent..from the sounds of things....spray it down liberally with this neutralizes might just dump some in too...Kid was pretty ingenious! I wonder where he learned that one.......If it don't get it the first time keep spraying......just fill a spray bottle with vinegar I like the cider variety....not white...and start spritzing.....
Ace's Nanna

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By (Guest Post) 01/26/2006

Take the vent cover off and wash it thoroughly, then wipe out with hot soapy water as much of the duct as you can safely reach. Then mix water and vinegar and wipe or spray down. As to how soon the odor is gone depends upon how much urine went around that vent!

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By Carrie 2 351 01/26/2006

Use ZeroOdorPet. It's on the Internet.

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By Pam 3 3 01/27/2006

Thanks for the suggestions. I DID take off the vent and cleaned it as far down as I could reach, but it didn't help. And I have tried cider vinegar; helps a little, but you can still smell it. I appreciate the suggestions, tho!

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By Paula 14 328 01/29/2006

Try Urine Gone stain and odor eliminator that also comes with a black light to see where the stains are at. Call the Lakeside Collection at 1-847-444-3150, they sell it for $13.95.

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By BO (Guest Post) 04/13/2008

Try 'Nature's Miracle'. It's a pet odor remover that really works! It works on cat urine odor and I believe it will remove your vent odor. Make sure you don't dilute it and spray it on liberally...making sure to get it as far down the vent as possible. It will dry by itself and is all natural. You can get this at most pet supply outlets like PetSmart

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By (Guest Post) 08/04/2008

Try BioWorld Odor Neutralizer. It is the best product I have found to get rid of any type of odor. It does not cover it up with flowery smells. It really works.

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