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Uses for Pudding Cups

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What are some ways to recycle/reuse empty clean pudding cups? I am talking about the Hunt's Snack Pack pudding cups. I usually have 2 empty ones daily. I have thought of a few ideas to reuse a few but otherwise have just been recycling them on trash day.

Does anyone have any good uses for them?

Debbie from IL



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By Debbie Smith [1]07/21/2014

They make great Christmas bell shaped ornaments.

By Donna Griffin11/06/2010

Keep them and resuse them for ketchup, dressing, or salsa cups. Only fill them half full and if you need more refill the cups. That way you have a win win situation. You will be reusing the cups and also not wasting too much ketchup, dressing, salsa, ect. We have a great big stack of them that we use for just that purpose. The tiny pecan pie pans can be used in the same way also. Keep up the great work recycling. Take care!

By Molly08/03/2009

I used pudding cups and the apple sauce cups for party favors at both daughters birthday parties. I filled them with candy and wrapped them in festive cellophane. I also made a tag that read "Thank you for coming to my birthday party. You made my day special."

I also use them to scoop cereal, flour, sugar, chocolate chips. When my husband or I make a fresh fruit salad, we use those cups as a serving. We use the pudding cups when we have ice cream, the portion size is perfect for all of us. The cups measure 1/2 cup.

RE: Uses for Pudding Cups

By katy moore01/04/2009

molds for making soaps and candles

By Enter your name here (Guest Post)08/31/2008

I punch holes in the bottom and use it for starter plants

By badwater [242]01/27/2008

Individual treat cups for gatherings like Sunday School, Homemakers group meetings, etc. For our church group meetings, some hostesses use cupcake paper liners, some purchase small dessert cups, etc. to hold small edible tidbits, for each person to take home after the meeting. The pudding cups could be used for this use, too. Make sure to take of all the package seal upon washing.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]08/29/2006

RE: Uses for Pudding Cups
Post by TreeOH (1) | 07/24/2006
Don't buy pudding cups in the first place, then you won't be eating all those chemicals in the pudding and you won't be stuck with tons of plastic containers. Make a bowl of pudding and buy a few reusable containers to hold it.

In response to TreeOH....this seems like a good idea; however my son really likes the Hunt's SnackPack pudding. I use it to give him his medication. I suppose I could make up the pudding and then fill one of those empty containers; however I know he will smell of it to be sure it's what he likes and is used to. I have eaten this pudding myself and think it tastes good and it is quite handy and keeps well w/o refrigeration. I read the ingredients and didn't sound too bad....artificial flavors but nothing else sounded bad. Doesn't sound like it is loaded with chemicals. Homemade would probably be better but since I have to give him one every morning and he takes one to school ea day, I'm afraid I have to go with what he likes and will accept and what is easiest for me!


By Kimberly07/24/2006

Don't buy pudding cups in the first place, then you won't be eating all those chemicals in the pudding and you won't be stuck with tons of plastic containers. Make a bowl of pudding and buy a few reusable containers to hold it.

By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)07/18/2006

*bathtub toys for kids
*I use some at home and at work to hold rubberbands, paperclips, etc
*could use near sewing machine for pins, etc
*they would be great for craft items like beads, etc
*a portable cup for your backpack or carry-on bag when traveling,in case you want a drink of water or need to take a pill

By CamsCottage (Guest Post)07/17/2006

1. use to start seeds for transplanting
2. make large ice cubes-last longer
3. freeze gravies, sauces, broth, small amt veges, other left overs, etc. When solid, store in zipbag.
4. pre-set up those large vitamins and other suppliments-1 cup per day
5. jello molds
6. fill with cotton balls, q-tips, makeup sponges, etc for medicine chest, and store large package in closet
7. use as mold for bird-seed treats for bird feeding
8. refill with homemade puddings or fruitcups for at home use
9. use as popscicle molds for kiddies

By Stan (Guest Post)07/17/2006

I use mine to make ice cubes..

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]07/17/2006

Thanks for all the ideas, Mr Thrifty! I had thought I might start making some instant pudding but my son can be sort of funny about how things look or smell and if it doesn't look like what he's used to, he might not eat. What I could do is save some of those empty pudding cups, make pudding myself and put in those cups and then hopefully he wouldn't know. He takes medication for hyperactivity and it is one that I can open and sprinkle. The only way he'll take it is if it is sprinkled on chocolate other flavor, I've tried :-(

I buy a big box of the Hunt's pudding cups at Sam's Club....there's 36 in the box and I figured it out to be .19 per cup which isn't bad and they don't need refrigeration. I send them to school with him for snack time.

By Michael Ruger [19]07/17/2006

Alternative uses for Pudding cups.

well if you could reseal the top and clean them out very well you could reuse for small food items like peanuts, small crackers .even refrigerater small amounts of vegetables

2-You could used them for to organizes your drawers again if you can find a way to reseal. Perhaps a cover of abit of a cereal box stapled .
In these cups you could put small nails ,Thumbtacks nuts bolts .whatever will fit,
3- I would immagine it is possible to make say Christmas tree decorations or other,with paint , and glitter .
4- How about freezing larger Ice cubes
5- Make Air freshener cups with Popurri or spices cover with seal cheesecloth .Again these cups can be decorated.
6- How about a grit dish for your parakeets. To hang the dish use abit of electrical wire around the lid to secure it to the cage. I am afraid adding a perch is too much but your birds will hang on to the sided or you could install a regular perch near it.
7- Use as a head for homemade say plastic cup clown dolls Take a large evil Styrofom cup decorate then add decorated with lid added secure the head with a piece of electrical wire add (Tie ) several lttle bells to the other end of the wire so you clown cup jiggles when if moves.
8-Perhaps you could use the plain cups for a small child to use as blocks and practice stacking
9-Perhaps with a bit of string or fishing line tied with a nut or sinker at the bottom of the cup you could use it to scare birds from your garden atleast on windy days.
10- use the cups for a catch the ball game boards using a strong cardboard an inserting the cups through cut holes ,then decorate the gameboard.
There are ideas Personally I do not like to even buy pudding cups I make my own instant pudding, but for those who do atleast you have ways to reuse those cups.
Butterscotch Instant Pudding
Is Mr. Thrifty's Favorite

By Bess07/13/2006

I've punched holes in the bottom and used to start seeds or for small seedlings.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]07/13/2006

Thanks mobo for your great ideas. I also have 2 sister in laws that are teachers, one being a Kindergarten teacher, so perhaps I can offer to them. Sometimes I use them to hold a little bit of snack in when we travel. I also thought how they'd be fun for the kids in the bathtub to play with. They really seem to pile up tho and so most days I am just throwing in the recycling bin.

By melinda07/13/2006

My son was taking art classes and the art teacher used them for holding paints for the kids to dip in and to keep the paints separate!! So, we would save them for her and take them to class.
I bet using them in the sandbox would be fun!! Fill it up with sand and you have little sandcastles!!
So, maybe a daycare could use them in your area?

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