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Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep


I feel something is biting me in my bed, but can't see what it is.

By Shawnster


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By Louise B. 6 2,541 09/23/2010

It is likely bedbugs. I have just been listening to comments on the CBC, and apparently they are a real pandemic. They are terribly difficult and expensive to get rid of.

One thing that does work, but not instantly, and more as a preventative, is diatomaceous earth. There are many different brand names. You are supposed to spray this behind your baseboards. It destroys their exoskeletons and they die. However, if you already have them in your bed, you need more agressive measures. They are often resistant to bug sprays, and so an extiminator that uses steam may be what you need.

Do not fool around with bay leaves or cinnamon or any of those home remedies. If any of that stuff worked, bedbugs wouldn't be a problem.

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By Cassie 20 60 06/25/2011

Sounds like bedbugs to me. When we were kids we went to a house that some friends moved out of and got some quilts that they left behind and we put them on our beds and it was not long til we started getting bitten in the night on our legs and arms and we told our dad about it. He said, I bet you got a case of bedbugs from the quilts that you got from that house. Go and look around the mattress seams and such and see if there are any bugs there. Sure enough, there were bugs around the seams and buttons and he said go and get some kerosene and pour it around the seams and buttons and it will kill them. It did the job. Never again did we get any bedding and put it on our beds again.

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Archive: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

I have a problem with some type of bugs biting me in bed; I can't see them but feel them bite. I've washed the sheets and PJ'S in Clorox yet they still bite.

Melodie from Lynchburg, SC


RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

I've heard that if it's fleas that you are having a problem with, you can sprinkle sage underneath your bed to get rid of them. My boyfriend's grandmother told me this one. So, maybe since it's an "Old wives tale" it'll work for you. It's worth a shot to keep from getting bit again! Good luck! (10/06/2005)

By BrookesMommy

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

Have you tried a bug bomb? Put it under your bed and see if this will help. (10/06/2005)

By Seagrape

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

Sounds like seam mites. Check the seams of your mattress and if you see small black dots you need to spray your mattress to get rid of them. (10/06/2005)

By shirley.

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

Whatever method you choose to attempt, thoroughly vacuum the bed afterward to remove debris from the bugs & the products used to eliminate them. Many people on this site recommend Borax (laundry product) for the elimination of 'bugs'. Maybe this would work. Sprinkle on, leave for 12-24 hrs (sleep on couch) & vacuum well. Even though it's a laundry product it's not made to be slept on & inhaled. Another idea is table salt, but that was for fleas (which, you can see those), and they probably would be other places, not just the bed.

By kidsNclutter

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

You have bed bugs. Call the County Cooperative Extension office in your area and get their brochure on bed bug control techniques. Inform yourself with accurate concise info, not tips and advice from non-experts. (10/15/2005)

By Brian W.

Archive: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

For the past two nights, something is biting me. I keep waking up with bites on my thighs. Right now on my left leg, there are 3 bites. And on my right leg, I have 6, three of those bites on that leg are in a nice diagonal line.

I have 2 cats that never go outside and are usually in my room but this just started happening for the first time. I also have hamsters in my room but they have been here for a few months too. Nobody else in the house is experiencing this. I have no idea what to do.

Annie from Columbus, OH


RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

I am thinking it is bedbugs, and nothing to do with the animals. Has anyone been to a hotel or slept over at someone else's house? Bedbugs are becoming a more common problem. Do not bother with home remedies. You must contact your local health office and find out how to get rid of these things. (11/13/2008)

By louel53

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

If it were fleas, you would have lots of tiny bites all over you, and it would be elsewhere in the house. If you have one big bite that itches and stays for days or weeks, it is most likely a bite from a spider or a centipede. Centipedes eat spiders and cock roaches, so they are useful to keep. They eat all sorts of bad insects. There isn't much you can do if it is a random thing. They probably crawled up into your bed and you rolled over on them. I get a spider bite (or centipede bite) about 2-3 times/year. (11/17/2008)

By Terry

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

This sounds like bed bugs. Go to the armed forces pest management board website. There you'll find a video on how to inspect for bed bugs. I would recommend getting professional help on this one. (12/04/2008)

By coco

RE: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

You definitely have scabies. If you have bites in your sleep and diagonal lines, that's where they burrow in your skin. They are most active at night. Go see a doctor. (03/23/2009)

By swg9932

Archive: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

I wake up every night itching and sometimes bitten. I bought a new mattress and box spring for my bed and cleaned and sanitized my entire bed room numerous times. But the problem still exists. Can anyone help?

Archive: Bugs Biting Me In My Sleep

I've woken up with bites all over my legs, so I assume it is bed bugs. I washed all my sheets and pillow cases, and I just recently saw one on me.

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