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Removing Mold from Kitchen Cabinets

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There are some mold or mildew growths on my sister's kitchen cabinets. Could someone tell us how to remove them and keep the mold from coming back? Thanks.

By Carol from KY


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By Joyce [5]08/23/2009

1. H2O2 aka Hydrogen Peroxide poured on a sponge right from the bottle will definitely kill the mold in the kitchen cabinet and anywhere else.
2. An olive leaf powder and water (just a little water) will kill the mold in the kitchen cabinet and anywhere else also.
Try these solutions and be blessed!

By susan cantin [5]08/20/2009

Good old bleach will do it and kill it. Not sure why it's growing. It only grows in damp places so that's what you have to look for. Is it on an outside wall in the cold. Condensation on the surface could be a reason.

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