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How Much Should a Chihuahua Weigh?


How much should a chihuahua male dog weigh? He is now 7 months and weights 9.5 pounds. I got him at 10 weeks and he was 5.5 pounds then. Supposedly mom and dad were pure chihuahuas, but I don't think so. He looks mixed. I just want to know when their breed stops growing.

By Angel from Chicago


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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 06/08/2009

There is no way to tell, but he looks like a chi to me, such a sweetie!

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By Robbie 9 06/08/2009

Wow! he is a big boy. did you look at the papers from the father and mother? or did you have a chance to see how big they were? He sure is a cute baby.

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By Betty 14 78 06/08/2009

Have had Chihuahua's for years, and this is not a full blooded one. I would bet anything. It looks like a sweet dog, though, and I am sure you love it!

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By Glinda Marine 8 5 06/09/2009

A chihuahua stops most of their growing at 6 months old. It may gain a tiny bit after that, but, just in body mass, their stature stops at @ 6 months. Your little guy isn't full bred, I have an old 9.5 pound chihuahua mix with pom. She is really fat. So, you're little guy is a mix, but, he's really really a cute one.

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By Misty 4 21 06/09/2009

I have a chi too that had papers with him and he is about 8+ pounds now at 9 months old. He is kind of long in his body though. He has ears just like your little dog...nuthin' but ears really, LOL! I was not totally convinced that he was purebred, but like I said, she had the papers for him so dunno. But, he wont get any bigger than he is. You could always take him to the vet if you were really wanting to know.

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By Cricket 205 896 06/09/2009

The breed standard according to the AKC for a full grown chihuahua is no more than 6 pounds. If yours is bigger than this it is either over weight or not full chihuahua.

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By lavonneann 6 214 06/09/2009

I have a female chihuahua and she weighs 9#s.She is full and only Chihuahua. I know this because I know the people who have the mama and papa.

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By Cynthia Mullen 59 04/06/2011

Looks a little bit mixed with a terrier maybe? Cute though.

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