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Dog Keeps Running Away

What do you do if your dog keeps running away?

Christina from St.Louis, MO

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October 21, 20080 found this helpful

For my Dachshund, he likes to run out to the street when he can, he isn't two years yet but I want to neuter him. Anyways, he likes us to chase him! One day I just looked at him and just walked my way home (he knows where he lives, he always comes back home with a big smile on his face) and he followed me after a minute that I didn't come back. And he followed me home, safely. Sometimes it's just a game for them, if that's so, give them more exercise! That was my mistake.

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November 15, 20080 found this helpful

Our dog was a runner. He was a sneaky one. He got out. We don't know how. The gate was secured and the door was shut. He would get out so much that the neighbors just brought him back this time. Then dog catchers got him. We could not afford to get him out. The thing was, he is chipped. The animal shelter never called us or them. I had to call up and ask if they picked him up. For all those who deal with a runner god bless you. We tried it all to keep him from getting out. Nothing worked.

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September 2, 20080 found this helpful

How to stop my dog from running off?

Paityn from Arlington, TX


Dog Keeps Running Away

We had the same problem with Buddy when he was young. The vet told us to have him neutered and it worked. He never did it again. Good Luck! (10/26/2007)


By Sophie

Dog Keeps Running Away

My 2 cents about the citronella spray collar; my dog did not react to it at all. It was meant to spray when she barks. My friends started teasing me about my "portable air freshener"!

My step-son thought it was funny to make her bark 'till the can of spray ran out. He's 26, and leaving home finally. Wish him luck. :-) (10/26/2007)

By nancycorinne

Dog Keeps Running Away

Apparently neutering does work. Our Jack Russell doesn't run away as often. There was no way I could have caught him, that was a job for the kids.

One thing we did was to stop chasing him. That helped. Apparently it's a game and if you don't play it, they will stop.

We live on a very busy street-highway and we finally had to give in to that he could very well be hit by a car. As much as we would have hated it, we couldn't have helped him when he got out. By not chasing after him, he seems to have stopped running away. We still don't trust him without a leash and probably never will. (10/28/2007)

By Noella

Dog Keeps Running Away

I have a 2yr old yorkie who is a pain with the front door and no neutering him did not stop his running out the door. He just bolts out and hauls butt FAST and he goes out barking his loudest. I used to have to chase him follow in auto until finally I quit and said sorry we will miss you and slammed the door behind him. I spied through the window, and you know what he never left the front lawn. He kept looking at the closed front door and after 5 minutes he came running back sat on the doorstep, and barked and cried and now he is not running out the door. Whew, wish I had done the tough love long ago but it worked.

By meoowmom

Dog Keeps Running Away

I have an Irish soft coated wheaten terrier 11 months old. He is murder when he gets out the gate. Just sprints away like a greyhound, no chance of catching him . I have decided to keep him on the lead always when out walking and on a long chain in the garden. It sounds cruel but he will be knocked down otherwise, I don't know what else to do. (03/02/2008)


By robert martin

Dog Keeps Running Away

My 8 yr old Bichon Maltese does the same thing. He is not neutered and I don't know if it is too late to neuter him. He has run away one to many times, but it's never my fault. I'm just happy he's with me right now cuz I luv him! So now I'm putting my foot down. I will tell my parents to ask if its too late to neuter him, and if it is well then, it's plan B: I'll have to be more stern with him, and watch him every time he goes out to do his business. (03/24/2008)


By Sally_Admin

Dog Keeps Running Away

We have a "runner" too, but hopefully solved the problem. We invested in a 50 foot yard tether and a very secure harness. The harness is hooked to the tether. Before she goes out, and she still has the freedom of running in the yard. (06/29/2008)


Rescue bolts if given the chance

Tonight I had my hands full and she ran out the door, down the driveway, down the sidewalk and into a busy street. She's a terrier mix, I have a scottie too, but he's good and if he gets out will stop dead in his tracks at my voice, but I've had him since he was a puppy.

This new dog, a female mix, is a rescue, so who knows if she was on the streets before or what. She thinks it's all a game. Tonight she stopped finally because two strangers were on the sidewalk and they grabbed her and then she came to me. I'm terrified she will get hit and I gave her the treatment tonight, picked her up and carried her into the house and put her down and gave her a firm scolding, not sure she'll remember it though. Help!? (07/05/2008)

By Allan

Dog Keeps Running Away

My 1 year old shitzu and my 3 month old German shepherd keep running away and I am getting tired of it. They have ran away 3 times plus today which make its 4 times. I just don't know what to do. Every time the gate accidentally comes open they just don't want to stay at home. I don't know what to do I am getting really tired I want to get ride of them right know I need to know what to do I NEED HELP! (08/25/2008)

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October 25, 20070 found this helpful

Every time I open my door my dog bolts out and runs like there's no tomorrow! It takes me forever to catch up and I live on a busy street! She runs so fast and I'm afraid one day she'll end up getting struck by a car or I won't be able to catch up and end up losing her. Any advice?

Alyson & Gregory Fairfax Virginia
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Dog Keeps Running Away

I have a 3 year old Scottish Terrier and read a book about the breed. Terriers tend to bolt off if they think they see something scurring around. They can be very well behaved even for years and then run off after something one day. This book said to never let the terriers out without a leash! I have a long retractable leash for my dog and the only time he is out without this leash is when we play ball as he is obsessed with getting the ball and bringing it back to us.


So along with our daily walks and retrieving the ball he gets plenty of exercise. (09/03/2005)

By LucyB

Dog Keeps Running Away

I have a Bichon Frise who bolts when I open the door. I never open the door unless he is out back, on a leash or gripped securely in my arms. Occasionally someone else opens the door and he bolts. I have to go after him in the car! When I find him he jumps in the car when I call him. You have to wonder what he's thinking, he has all "the comforts of home, lots of love, treats and toys" with me! (09/03/2005)

By Linda

Dog Keeps Running Away

The only thing I could think of is to put his leash on and hold on tight. Keep it by the door. A little bit of work, but it sure beats chasing him or something worst. (09/03/2005)

By JoJo

Dog Keeps Running Away

We too got tired of chasing our 3 dogs around the neighborhood. We bought an electric dog collar and put it on. Once they dug under the fence, we said "no" and zapped then. It was amazing. It only took 2 times for them to understand. They are expensive but my suggestion is for a few families to go together in the cost and each take turns using it. You only need it a little while, then pass it along. We got ours at Gander Mountain (probably any hunting dog training store) in Merrillville, Indiana. Also try the internet. Worked for us! Good Luck! (09/03/2005)

By Wendy23

Dog Keeps Running Away

Have you ever thought of taking your dog to Obedience School? What you learn is invaluable for both you and your dog for years to come. It is also a lot of fun for the both of you. The classes are usually once a week for about 6 to 8 weeks. For me it opened the door to showing my first Dalmatian. Check with your local dog lovers club or vet or pet store for the Fall schedule of classes.(09/03/2005)

By Randianne

Dog Keeps Running Away

I have a German Shepherd which is my first dog as an adult. Training is something I was not thinking of. Needless to say I have researched many things for training dogs. The first thing that comes to mind is set aside 10 minutes a day to train the dog about the door issues. Put the dog on a leash, go to the door and open it. The second they start to bolt out give a quick sharp tug on the leash and say NO. if the dog pauses after the tug give a treat, even if they try to bolt again thats ok then give the sit command and give treat. Repeat this for a few minutes each day. Once the dog gets the hang of not bolting when you open the door maybe try to have another person open the door from the outside and use same training method as above. The time you invest in this will not only save you time from chasing the dog but also money from a possible accident. Wwe all know vet bills are not easy on anyone's wallet. Hope this helps. (09/03/2005)

By witchdancer4

Dog Keeps Running Away

Not much of a solution, but my Jack Russell has/had the same bad habit. You are very lucky you can run after him. I just can't. My solution has worked though. Silly as it seems make sure your dog wears a collar with his name and your phone number. I can't tell you how many times people have called to say "I have your dog" - I bless them all.

By Sara.

Dog Keeps Running Away

My grandmother's terrier kept running away right after she got him. She had just lost another dog that did the same and he got hit by a car and died. Its not always the vet bills that will kill you. She couldn't stand the idea of it happening again so she invested in the electric fence. It worked great and only took him a time or two to get it. So the person with the thought of sharing the cost had a really good idea. (09/04/2005)

By christi

Dog Keeps Running Away

Keep a squirt bottle filled with water. Have it ready when you open the door and give a good two are three squirts in the face. Helps with many problems. Have a jumping rat terrier! LOL Good luck and hope this helps! (09/04/2005)

By kathy berrong

Dog Keeps Running Away

We just had our Labradoodle "Bailey" in training. One of the first things we were taught is to keep him on a leash (even indoors) while he's in training. When we approach the door together to go outside you must firmly pull him back and tell him to stay until YOU have stepped out of the door first. Do this every time you take the dog out. In a couple of weeks, he'll get the idea. Then you can move on to making him STAY when the door is opened. Otherwise, you're going to loose your dog, or even worse, he'll be hit by a car. Good luck !

ps -Don't forget to praise him well when he listens! (09/06/2005)


Dog Keeps Running Away

My dog won't come back when we call him. He just completely ignores us and does what he wants to do. We have tried biscuits etc but I was talking to a lady in our local park who had a similar problem and she had bought a collar that has a little spray in it. You have a remote control and if the dog is behaving inappropriately you can squirt it with this citronella liquid. She said the improvement in her dog was instantaneous and has given her control of the dog back to her. It is harmless, safe but not cheap I'm afraid. I've ordered one off Ebay and I have high expectations. Hope I'm right. (10/25/2007)

By anne-marie

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