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Hannah (Belgian Malinois)

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Hannah is a 2 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois. I got her from the mountains of Mississippi when she was eight weeks old. Hannah has no "off" button. She's shown here playing with her favorite Christmas gift last year, a bubble machine. She chases them until the batteries wear out!

We've owned a few dogs over the years, but Hannah is the smartest. We can place one of her toys in a specific spot and she'll always find it. Example: "Where's red ball? In the kitchen?" and "Where's green ball? In your toy box?" She's as affectionate as she is bright and I can't imagine life without her.

By PupperMom from Hollywood, FL


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By Snowlion57 [3]03/23/2014

I know sweety I have a long hair Mali and life wouldn't be the same without him. Had a Belgen Tuveren from the pound lived to be 18 never thought I could find any dog to help me through loosing her but I did. Hey Addicted to Belgins.

By jan king [1]05/12/2009

What a happy, playful pup! She is definitely a cutie!

Grandma Jan & Kato the Wonder Dog

By Pat Giles05/12/2009

I've never heard of that breed, but she sounds like a hoot! I know she is a great source of joy to you, and she is also blessed for having you for a mama! Thanks for sharing Hannah with us and God bless you.

By Robyn Fed [394]05/11/2009

Your love and dedication is shown in her happy and joyous expression! What a beautiful girl!

By Little Suzy [105]05/10/2009

I love her. She is just adorable. I can see her running about chasing the bubbles. We just got back from my mother's. Spending time out by her quarry fishing. The 4 yr. old granddaughter threw the ball in the water for my nephew's brown lab to chase. All day long they would play. Never quitting.

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