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Cleaning Fiberglass Shower Doors

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What do you use to clean fiberglass shower doors? There are many articles on what to use to clean the lime from shower doors. I worked on them yesterday and with a lot of elbow grease, CLR, a gel mildew cleaner and a bucket of dish soap I was able to get some of it off the doors. There is still etching on the doors. The posts reference glass shower doors. Does this apply to the plastic (or fiberglass doors)? Do you need to take a different approach for fiberglass?

By s4bill from Baltimore, MD


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By Kris Brooks03/14/2011

Wet your shower walls, just rub a plain Bounce Fabric Softener Sheet over it. The scum comes right off, took about six the first time, after that it is a breeze. (Hint came from Resort Housekeeper.)

By Leata [1]07/22/2009

I have used a simple tip for years. It's a huge time saver, and sweet on the pocket book. Dollar General, Family Dollar, what ever is in your area carries toilet bowl cleaner, the 'shake before using' kind. I usually buy sno-bowl because it foams, but thats me.
Squirt the bowl cleaner, starting at the top of the door, working downward. It doesn't have to cover the whole door. Rinse your toilet brush in hot water, leaving its somewhat wet. Scatter the extra water from the brush onto the door and gently spread cleaner over entire surface area. Rinse with damp cloth and water or spray bottle of water and dry cloth, whatever you prefer.
**bonus tip** after the scum is removed, a quick drying with the towel you dry off with comng out of the shower will keep it from getting scummy again.

By Cindy Sorgenfrei07/20/2009

Spray down with Fantastik (or other spray cleaner of your choice), let sit for 10 minutes, then use one of those acrylic scrubby dish sponges to scrub/clean off the residue. It always works for me. Lots of rinsing with the shower hose. If no hose, spash clean warm water to rinse. Glass doors are a pain to clean. I prefer the shower curtain to the glass doors.

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