Amaryllis Not Blooming


Why don't my Amaryllis flower? They only make leaves. They flowered last season.

By Annatjie


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 11/11/2009

Growing amaryllis:

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum
Life Cycle: perennial bulb
Planting Time: spring or summer
Height: 18" to 24"
Exposure: sunny window sills; sun to partial shade outdoors
Soil: rich, well-drained soil
Hardiness: usually rated for zones 9-11
Bloom Time: 6 to 8 week after planting
Flower: a wide variety of sensational trumpet-shaped blooms
Foliage: thick, smooth leafless stems
Propagation: bulbs
Suggested Use: accents, usually grown as an annual houseplant

Growing Hints: Amaryllis couldn't be easier to grow. Most garden and home centers offer them for sale during the winter season when they are commonly grown to bloom for the holidays. Although not necessary, soaking the root end of the bulb in water the night before planting will give it a faster start. Place the potted bulbs in a sunny window sill and keep soil moist (not wet) until blooming. Tall plants may need staking. Continue to water until the leaves start to turn yellow and die back. Cut them down and cease watering for 12 weeks. The plant can be brought out of dormancy again after this rest period, but cheaper bulbs may fail to flower a second time or flower less successfully. High quality amaryllis bulbs can produce many flowers at a time for as long as 75 years. good luck.

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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 11/11/2009

The secret to getting amaryllis bulbs to rebloom year after year lies largely in summer care after flowering. Remove the faded flowers and stalks as soon as they are finished blooming, but do not cut off the leaves. Set the pot on a sunny windowsill and water as needed. When warm weather arrives and all danger of frost is passed, set the bulb, container, and all in the flower garden. Choose a location that is somewhat protected and receives morning light. You can set the pot in the ground so that the rim is at ground level.

During the summer, continue to water the plant as needed and feed it every two weeks with a soluble houseplant fertilizer. Gradually withhold water before freezing weather in the fall. When the foliage has died down, trim it off and take the pot to a cool, dark basement (40 to 50 degrees F if possible) and place it on its side. The bulb needs to sit and rest for six weeks before you try to rebloom. Because it takes approximately six weeks from planting to bloom time, you can decide when you want the bloom to occur and then count backward to determine the planting time. During the rest period, do not water the plant. As the leaves dry, cut them off.

For additional details refer to: Reblooming Amaryllis.good luck.

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By teresa 6 26 03/22/2012

They seem to need a rest period, just be given time.

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Amaryllis Not Blooming
*** I grew an amaryllis indoors, but it did not bloom. I followed the vague directions, but only the green leaves sprouted. The leaves are large and still growing. Can anyone give me any tips to force it to bloom? Thank you.

Mike from NE PA

RE: Amaryllis Not Blooming

Be patient, the season is not done yet, it may put up a flower stalk yet. (11/25/2008)

By kimhis

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