Removing Yellow Stains from Linen


Does anyone know how to remove old yellow stains from linen that has been stored? The type that just appear, old stains coming back? They are too good to throw away! Thanks.

By Jenniwren from South Coast, NSW, Aust.


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By Lisa 6 25 08/05/2010

Have you tried borax? Found in most grocery stores by the laundry aisle. Works on well water to remove yellowing from rust. 1 scoop per load.

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By nhe 12 18 08/05/2010

For antique linens, I suggest you consult an antiques dealer. I have purchased a locally produced soak product for heirloom clothes, LilyWhite, from an antiques dealer. I don't know if it's still available. I am still hoarding my supply! It removes a substantial amount of rust and age stains.
However, for just everyday stuff, not heirlooms, try an Oxydol or Oxyclean type of product, follow directions, and soak, soak soak the stained areas. I love linen for the beauty of the patterns and the feel of the cloth, so if something is too badly stained or damaged, see if you can cut it down and/or repurpose it - a smaller tablecloth, table napkins, or a dresser-piece. Finally, linen makes wonderful costuming material and some costumer or theatre group should appreciate a cast-off piece that can make period clothing pieces such as shirts, wimples, hoods, aprons, etc.

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By Digby 1 08/05/2010

Whink's "No More Yellow" is pretty good (I think I got this at hometrends.com). Also, for best results if you have space & clothes line to do so (this from my British gram), thoroughly rinse the linen to remove any detergents that get held in fabric, then hang in the sunshine for a day or two. Sunshine is very effective at natural bleaching (as our curtains and carpets can show).

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By Grandma J 54 1,041 08/06/2010

Often this is aged food stains, esp sugars that turn brown.

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By Nancy 4 08/07/2010

When I had my antique business I bought many stained linens. I always washed them as usual, adding a splash or two of ammonia to the washer. After rinsing I hung them in the sun to dry. This usually removed the majority of any stains found on the linens, especially tablecloths. Good luck.

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By Patricia Nicholas 13 74 08/07/2010

I tend to use lemon juice or white vinegar, but never use bleach, it will eat the fabric and create more yellowing. I lay out the linen on a white sheet on the grass in the sun, then put the juice or vinegar on the stain and leave it sit in the sun for at least the day. For really bad stains I soak in hot water with an enzyme cleaner (like oxyclean) first then lay out in the sun. The most important thing is to rinse, rinse, rinse to get all the soap and residues out. Hope this helps.

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