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Removing Candle Wax From Microfiber

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Microfiber Sofa

The texture of microfiber can make it difficult to remove candle wax spills. This is a guide about removing candle wax from microfiber.



Here are questions related to Removing Candle Wax From Microfiber.

Question: Candle Wax on Microfiber

My husband spilled red candle wax on the arm of my new microfiber sofa. I have tried everything to get it out and so far nothing works it is a fairly large spot. What can I do?

Ann from White Bluff, TN


Most Recent Answer

By Karen05/18/2008

Has anyone ever noticed that once a candle has burned completed out it is very difficult to get the residual candle out. I was taught a trick by a, believe it or not, candle salesperson and it works like a charm. Put the candle in the freezer. I normally forget about it until the next day. When you take it out, immediately thrust is down upon your hand and the candle will release. I am about to go downstairs and either put ice packs or frozen votice/tea light holders ontop of the wax on my brand new microfiber. I don't expect it to come right up, however someone told me to do this and when the wax hardens, gently take and ice-pick (a bit leery of that so I may just hit it a couple of times with a butter knife and gently try to get the remaining residue off with some type of gentle plastic. I will tell you all how it goes. Wish me luck. Karen

Question: Leg Wax on Micro Fiber Chair

I accidentally still had leg wax on me and it stuck to my dining chair. How do I remove it?

By Christine


Most Recent Answer

By PriceChloe9808/18/2013

Oh, he he he this may hurt but try using a cleaning product, such as bleach (very diluted) and if it does work, then use some aloe vera to stop your leg from hurting and heal it quicker.

Question: Removing Red Wax on Microfiber

A cable installation guy hit a candle which spilled red wax all the way down the side of my light khaki colored microfiber sofa. What can I use to clean it without ruining the sofa anymore?

By Chrissey

Most Recent Answer

By joan [6]11/29/2011

Go after the company he works for. Their insurance should cover it. The company who intalled a hot water tank in my batheroom damaged the lino and they replaced it. A hydro truck backed up in my yard, onto the lawn and drove over my son's bicycle. He got a new one compliments of our electricity company.

Question: Removing Candle Wac from Microfiber

I need to know how to get candle wax, that is already dried, off a couch that is made of microfiber.
Thanks for your time.

By Deb

Solutions: Removing Candle Wax From Microfiber

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