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Use Deferred Billing When Ordering Online


When online shopping, I use the "defer billing code". That gives me the time to receive the products and review the products-condition of, it's what I ordered etc.
If its clothing, time for trying on to make sure it fits right, what I ordered etc.
Then if I need to return an item, it can be returned before my credit card is charged. The online store you bought from will not charge you for that item if you return it before the date the deferred billing period ends.

Often the companies give you three months before charging your card. You will have to pay the cost of shipping and handling when returning items but, to me, that is a small price to pay compared to the cost of having it charged to my card. Instead of having, say, $20.00 charged to my card and then having to wait for it to be credited back into my account, I prefer to pay a few dollars for shipping it back, keeping the money in my account and avoiding a whole bunch of hassle.

Some companies even include a return label for you to use. The package is then mailed out by the post office and on receiving it the company will charge your card for only the shipping and handling.

By alexa/wildrose from DE USA



By Cyinda 214 1,287 07/28/2008

Thank you for posting this! ... I had never given it a second thought... & I'm always the one complaining the loudest when I end up with something that comes broken or working improperly... Next time I'll follow your advice!

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By Cajun 59 327 08/03/2008

Where is the 'Defer Billing Code'? I don't think I've seen this feature on any of the sites...

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Question: Finding Deferred Billing Codes

I am looking for deferred billing codes for Spiegel, Chadwicks, Newport News, Metrostyle or any other websites you may know of a deferred billing code. Thank you!

By Dani

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By Amy Singh 3 117 02/14/2012

There aren't many deferred billing codes left. Many companies that used to offer deferred billing stopped after the credit card rules changed. They only offer deferred billing only if you hold a credit card for their specific store. You'll have better luck with discount codes. I often do a Google search with the store's name and the word coupon. Also many companies give codes on facebook if you "like" their facebook page.

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