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Removing Wrinkles from Permanent Press Clothes

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I think I ruined some fairly new permanent press slacks in a too hot drier. Is there a way to get out the mass of wrinkles?

By Pam from Niagara Falls, NY

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By Lee [4]10/16/2010

Ouch, try to iron them with a wet cloth this will steam the fabric not to hot. Try a small spot first to see if this will work on the fabric

By Anonymous [848]10/15/2010

If the heat didn't partially melt the fabric all you have to do is place a damp bath towel and the pants in the dryer on gentle/low heat or wash again in your next load and be sure to take them out just before or as soon as they are dry.


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Archive: Removing Wrinkles from Permanent Press Clothes

When permanent press articles of clothing have been overdone and are a mass of wrinkles from a too-hot dryer, wet a heavy towel, put it in the dryer with the wrinkled clothes and turn on the low or fluff setting.

By Chell

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