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How can I change the color of my fridge?

By Joan from Annecy, France


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By AvaElizabeth 5 53 08/19/2010

There are paints especially suited for appliances. You can go to a home improvement store and talk to the clerks. I have seen white fridges painted black or stainless steel color. Good luck.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 08/21/2010

Just cover it in fridge magnets! ;-)

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By Jennifer 33 93 08/22/2010

Clean it really well, using dish soap and steel wool. Rinse and dry. Put masking tape over hinges and handle so they don't get painted. Buy a can or 2 of spray enamel in the color of your choice and spray you refridgerator. I have done this and it works great! It is also cheap.

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 08/23/2010

Bear in mind that any paint you put on will not wear as well as the original finish, unless you have it done in an automotive paint shop.

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By joanfry 28 74 05/24/2011

I like the advice and thank you all.
About spraying, what happens to all the 'stuff' surrounding the fridge. Mine is in the middle of the dining room, which is why I want to change the color.
Do I need to worry about the paint mist?
I could not take it outside. I am on the third floor.

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Archive: Painting Appliances

Can l use a roller to paint appliances? I need to paint a refrigerator and stove hood. I've had trouble in the past getting an even look with spray paint, so do not want to use that!

Gail from Florida

RE: Painting Appliances

A long time ago, I had an old pink fridge that I painted with a thick nap roller and enamel paint. I painted it off white, and it turned out really good. Much better than the ugly pink that's for sure. I don't remember what type of paint I used, just that it was enamel based and that I let it dry for a while. We also had a rusty upright freezer that we covered with contact paper to hide the rust. (12/13/2006)

By Jess

RE: Painting Appliances

I have used Melamine paint and a sponge roller on both my frig and a stove hood. Both of them worked well. My frig is now on it's 12th year with white paint. I've also painted a floor and counter tops. On them I used at least two coats of urethane as a topcoat. For the counter I just used latex paint with two coats of topcoat and it is only a year old but still looks great. (12/20/2006)

By Connie from Canada

Archive: Painting Appliances


Painting Appliances
*** I'm renovating my kitchen on a tight budget. I'm tired of the ugly old looking fridge that came with the house. I was going to go and buy all new appliances for my kitchen. Of course, I changed my mind. I'm glad I did.

I opted to spray paint my fridge. It looks amazing! People can't tell the difference. Which I love. FYI If you're able to spray paint outside please do. I had black paint all over my house. It took me 2.5 hrs to clean it all up. So, I got a new fridge for under $15. By the way, I used 2 cans of spray.

By fashionista_dc from Washington, DC

RE: Painting Appliances

Yes there's a special paint. You have to use "Epoxy paint"; (brand: Rust Oleum from Lowe's). (04/23/2009)

By fashionista_dc

RE: Painting Appliances

I also painted my refrigerator out of necessity. My vinyl coated white fridge was showing rust spots. I spray painted it with the new Rustoleum product that is good for everything. I shielded the rest of the kitchen with polyethylene so there was not too much overspray. I did this in December and it still looks great. This saved the cost of buying a new fridge for a couple of years, I hope! (04/25/2009)

By Cyndi D.

RE: Painting Appliances

Our daughter painted the fridge and dishwasher, using melamine paint. It looks really nice, saved cost of replacement. (04/25/2009)

By gollyg

RE: Painting Appliances

I have also covered a frig with wall paper. Get a heavy weight that is pre-pasted, nothing flocked or real fancy as far as pattern matching. (05/01/2009)

By Jcerar

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