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Why Is My Cat Acting Afraid and Hissing at Me?

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Why does my cat all of a sudden hate me? Within the last month or two everytime I have come home from college she will not come near me. And when I try and pick her up she acts like she is scared to death and hisses at me. Why is this?

By Hayley from Overland Park, KS


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By SANDI [2]03/21/2011

I would say see your vet and have the cat checked out. Also the cat may miss you and is just showing how it feels. Who cares for the cat while you are gone? How is the cat around other people? You may bring many smells with you on your clothing which may scare the cat. Can you leave a sweat shirt, or sweater for the cat to sleep on? Nix the dirty sox, please. How old is this kitty? Good luck to you.

By Amy Singh [2]03/21/2011

Maybe your cat is sick or injured in some way and it has nothing to do with you. If the cat acts this way towards others besides you, maybe you should take her to the vet.

By Jolene [1]03/21/2011

Kas1014 Just what I was going to say. Hayley, The cat is probably NOT acting afraid, but wants to get away from you, because you go away from it. You might try bringing it a catnip treat when you get home and having it in your hand when you pet, pick up or try to cuddle your cat. It is going to take some time for the cat to believe you are coming back after each time you go away. There are many other variables, do you have younger siblings?, does the cat get enough attention & love from the rest of the family? are there other pets? how young was it when you got it, as in imprinting on you as mother? Think on these things and I am sure your answers will come. Maybe you need to leave a pair of dirty socks where it sleeps?

By Kas03/21/2011

Most likely it's its way of showing you that it's not happy with you being gone so much.

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