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Removing Scuff Marks on Walls

White Walls

Care must be taken when removing scuff marks from painted and unpainted walls to prevent damage to the finish. This is a guide about removing scuff marks on walls.



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Tip: Pencil Eraser for Smudges on Walls

Try using a pencil eraser to remove black smudges from white walls.


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Here are questions related to Removing Scuff Marks on Walls.

Question: Removing Scuff Marks from Matte Painted Walls

I'm looking for a tried and tested method of washing walls to remove scuff marks as part of a spring clean! I live in a rented flat so just repainting the walls isn't an option. I don't want to wash the existing matte paint off by scrubbing too hard! Thanks :o)

By Amanda

Most Recent Answer

By Amanda_K01/09/2012

Thanks everyone, think I will give the toothpaste one a try first as I have those bits to hand, if not then I'll be hunting down some of these magic erasers!

Question: Scuff Marks on Walls

Any ideas on how to remove scuff marks (from furniture not shoes) off a painted wall? I tried the Mr Clean Magic Eraser, it worked a little, but took paint off the wall.

By Scuffmarked for Life? from Orange County, CA

Best Answers

By Sherri05/28/2010

Please try a pencil eraser.

Best Answers

By Nick J (Guest Post)12/25/2008

Try using toothpaste and a sponge. It did wonder. All you have to do is apply the toothpaste on the mark and scrub!

Best Answers

By SingleMomof5-yes, thats right-5 (Guest Post)03/06/2008

Do not use Magic Eraser on matte walls; it is just too strong. It will strip the paint and leave you with dark marks that don't match your paint. I have not figured out a better solution than a mild cleaner and two buckets: fill 1 bucket with your cleaner and water and fill the 2nd with just clear water for rinsing. Grab 2 of those cellouse sponges and don't forget your elbow grease-you'll need it! I also find its good to go from bottom to top to catch all the drips- if not you 'll have streaky walls.

Question: Black Scuff Marks on Doors and Walls

Some of the doors and walls in my home have black scuff marks on them. I have tried everything I can think of to get it off. Please help.

Susan from Arizona

Most Recent Answer

By EffEss10/28/2010

Magic Eraser removed scuff marks from painted woodwork, after I read the directions and wet it first!