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Softening Powdered Sugar


I bought bulk powdered sugar and stored it in plastic containers. Now it is hard and difficult to use. Can I use a piece of bread to soften it like I do with brown sugar? Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

By Scrappinmom30 from Ohio


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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 03/29/2009 Flag

How should I store my C&H Granulated Sugar and C&H Powdered Sugar? Moisture makes granulated sugar hard and lumpy. Once this happens, there is no way to adequately restore it. Always store granulated sugar in a covered container in a cool, dry area. Good luck.

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By W. Tina Chase 10 03/31/2009 Flag

I don't know any tricks to soften it. Have you tried one of those clay disks that you can use with brown sugar? One idea might be to try using a hand grater to get it back down to a powdery texture.... You might try a blender or spice/coffee ginder etc., but I am not sure what that would do to it (at the higher speed than manual). You could always try with a small sample and see what happens!

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