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Gas Smell In Garage

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I spilled a half gallon of gasoline in the garage. I put kitty litter on it to absorb the fluid and then swept it up. How do I get the smell out of it?

Susan from Cedar Rapids, IA


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By Lucy (Guest Post)05/02/2008

Gas spilled on kitchen tile and is very strong, how can we clean this up?

By Matthew Haas [2]10/10/2006

Hello Susan,
Talk about a small world ... I was born in Cedar Rapids! The following is a link to a website that says to use either liquid detergent or the other powedered laundry type ... have never tried either ... but you never know --- might just do the trick! And remember: - Keep gasoline in small quantities only and in a proper, tightly sealed container labeled "gasoline." Never store gasoline in a garage with an appliance that contains a pilot light.
--- MATT (now in New Hampshire)
Here's the link: ... nstructions-clean-up-asap-27224.html

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