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Clothes Come Out Of Washer Covered In Fuzz

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Every time I take a load of clothes out of the washing machine, they come out with fuzz balls all over them. What is the problem?

Sher from Buffalo, NY



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By badwater [242]07/28/2008

One of two things happened. Either you had too many pieces of clothing in the wash load or your washer's lint trap needs cleaning. You'll most likely need to re-wash your load of clothes.

By Beth [25]06/11/2008

Acrylic fibers in your clothes will fuzz almost immediately. Try to avoid clothes with acrylic in their content.

By Jan (Guest Post)06/09/2008

What mix of fabrics are you washing together? Are you stuffing your washer or leaving room for them to actually move in the agitation cycle?

By anbsmommy [8]06/09/2008

Here are some possible reasons for "fuzzy/pilling"clothing:
overloading your washer - Too much laundry soap, especially the powdered kind - too much softner -hard water - washing unlike clothes together, i.e. towels or socks with sweaters, dark clothing with light -make sure to turn clothes inside out before washing. Wash like fabrics & like colors together -make sure there are no tissues or paper products in pockets - make sure washer tub is wiped down. Liquid detergent works best, if using powdered type make sure it's thoroughly dissolved before adding laundry.
Hope this helps. Anbsmommy

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