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How Do I Keep the Shower Curtain From Blowing in and Sticking to Me?


We just installed a new large shower after having a small stand up shower with shower doors. We didn't want shower doors anymore. So now we have shower curtains.

How do we prevent the shower curtain from blowing in? It sticks to us and it's so annoying. We can't use the curved rod because the shower is tall and it would hold the curtain out too far and water would splash out. So now we have the curtain blowing in and sticking to us! We just got to use it for the first time today. Please help. Thanks.

By Ariela from MI


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By mcw 80 1,752 11/19/2010 Flag

I buy the cheap shower curtain liners at Dollar Tree and they have magnets at the bottom that adhere to the inside of the bathtub. So I never have the problem of the shower curtain sticking to me.

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By Linda 45 302 11/19/2010 Flag

Put a few magnets or just heavy items in the bottom hem.

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By Lilac 20 1,329 11/19/2010 Flag

I hate when that happens. I love the cloth shower curtains instead of the plastic ones. They cost a little more but you can throw them in the washer and hang them back on wet. They don't seem to blow in on you like the plastic ones do.

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By Rosiegirll 3 18 11/19/2010 Flag

Buy some magnets at the Container store or Home Depot/Lowes. You can buy them online too. Put the magnet on the inside of the shower curtain and they attach the curtain to the tub. That is if your tub isn't fiberglass. You could also use a small piece of duct tape but that'll be ugly from the inside.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 11/19/2010 Flag

They do make little contraptions to stick to the inside of the tub to make the bottom of the shower curtain behave, I have seen them at Target, Walmart and Home Depot.

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11/19/2010 Flag

I've never had that happen to me so I don't know why that is happening to you but my thought would be is that if your heat/air vent faces your shower that might be the culprit and if it is that maybe just make sure the heat/air system isn't running while you're in the shower (or maybe you keep a window open while showering that causes a breeze). The magnets are a good idea because even if you don't have a metal tub the weight of the magnets will definitely help.

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By syntoniser 5 56 11/20/2010 Flag

The heavy duty ones don't blow in. They cost more but are worth every penny because they eliminate that daily annoyance. Worked for me.

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By Deanj 917 11/20/2010 Flag

Well if the shower is made from fiberglass and we are talking showers, magnets adhere to metal not fiberglass. So forget the previous answer. I do not have a solution.

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By susan 33 441 11/20/2010 Flag

I bought a shower curtain with suction cups attached on the outside edges. I apply pressure to the cups to attach them to the side of the shower and it doesn't blow in.

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By Sandy Gerber 30 206 11/20/2010 Flag

How about trying velcro?

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By HJ 13 118 11/20/2010 Flag

I read online recently a tip about taking binder clips when traveling to keep shower curtains in place. You might try that as an inexpensive way to see if it works. I have not tried it. Good luck!

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By Grandma J 54 1,040 11/20/2010 Flag

You can also get some nice Velcro dots, industrial ones. I use them all over the house for things.

The suction from the air current outside your shower changes when the air temp changes. Inside the shower it is hot and steamy. Cold air current other side. No different than the summer storms we put up with all the time. You have created the point of collision--where the warm and cold air currents meet. Like a science experiment you want to be over!

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By Beth 25 1,120 11/21/2010 Flag

Besides needing a weighted curtain, or anchoring it to the sides in some way as others have said, understand that you are creating a basic weather pattern in your shower. All that hot air and humidity is rising and has to be replaced with air from the bottom. If no air can get in the bottom, the curtain is going to suck in. In my shower I leave a little place for air to get in at the front as the back end is where the water is headed.

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By Suntydt 75 877 11/22/2010 Flag

The solution is fairly simple. Go to Staples or Office Max and buy the big paper clips. Not the ones that are loops but the ones that have like "ears" that you fold over and press together to get them to expand. The are usually made of metal and come in three sizes. I think any will do but I don't suggest the small ones. These you will be able to clip onto the bottom of the shower curtain. Four or Five should do the trick. If not you can add magnets to the paper clips for added weight to help keep the curtain in place.

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By Dandelion 22 12/03/2010 Flag

The weight of the metal clips may do the trick though. Even though they aren't magnetic. I would try that first. If it doesn't work you can always use the clips in another application.

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By cathy333 4 29 08/04/2012 Flag

If you splash some water on the wall of the shower, and lightly press the shower curtain to it, it will stick.

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By Janet L. 1 06/07/2015 Flag

Buy two curtains. One material (decorative) nice looking one and one that is plastic that will repell the water for the inside. The material one is usually a good enough of a barrier for the breeze you are getting and heavy enough not to budge.

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By Ginnee 2 189 06/08/2015 Flag

I noticed that someone mentioned buying a heavy duty shower curtain. That works for me too. Buying one of the really lightweight shower curtains like from Dollar Tree just isn't worth it to me, too much aggravation as you are experiencing. Spending more for a heavy weight curtain keeps it from blowing in and you can put it in the washing machine from time to time to keep it fresh, not having to actually replace it very often.

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By Patrick Padilla 1 07/10/2015 Flag

Go to "" these buttons keep the inside shower curtain from sticking to you. they are cheap and there is a video on how to install them. easy and they work , but only if you have a bathtub and you need to have two shower curtains and inside one and a outside one.

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By Charles M. 1 07/16/2015 Flag

Take a look at Shower Curtsy ( ), as this is the easiest and best solution that works with any shower curtain, liner, bathtub or rod. It completely solves shower curtain cling, comes complete, is portable to use at hotels and looks great even with just a single liner. Shower Curtsy, not only solves shower curtain from billowing in, but also adds more shower space by pulling the liner toward the outside edge.

Have kids that push the shower liner outside the bathtub, Shower Curtsy can stop that! Simply put the Shower Curtsy on the inside of the bathtub and Shower Curtsy will pull the liner back in.

Checkout the attached image to see Shower Curtsy in use!

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By bobderb2 1 10/19/2015 Flag

Save yourself some money and sew a button or just stitch your liner to your shower curtain about one foot above the tub. Until I can sew on some buttons, I am using straight pins spaced about 12" apart and about one foot above the tub and it has solved my problem.

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