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Closet Curtains

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On one of the decorating shows they took down the sliding closet doors and put up curtains. I love this idea! I will be moving next week and I want to do this with my closet in my mobile home. On the show they hung a pretty fabric shower curtain from metal hooks and hooked them onto the door tracks. They did not give any details and I can't find any info on the website. Has anyone done this? How do you attach the curtain? What kind of hooks do I need? If you send a pic that would be great.

Thank you,
Joyan from Visalia CA



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By Maggie Magooey (Guest Post)08/15/2008


By michelle (Guest Post)08/08/2008

Hi, actually I have NO closet doors or anything and it's just all open so when I have company, it's kinda embarrassing having them come over and all that stuff is all wide open for everyone to see my stuff. Any suggestions or ideas on making that enclosed or to just hide my things?

By Mary (Guest Post)04/05/2008

What if you already have tracks in for sliding doors? Can they be utilized to hang curtains from? I've seen curtain hanging racks but those look different. I wish there were some hooks i could hang from the existing door track to hang curtains from...any ideas?

By Heather (Guest Post)01/06/2008

My wooden closet doors cracked at the bottom, so I was left with no door. I bought a Hello Kitty Beaded Curtain at Five Below for just $5. I hung that up, but I am going to go buy a purple fabric shower curtain and some funky hooks and a tension rod. Then I can stick the tension rod and shower curtain behind the hello kitty beaded curtain!

Will post pictures as soon as I do it!

By Julie [49]10/28/2007

flat sheets make great curtains, and most of the time the fabric of sheets are high quality & grade. And they come in so many colors & themes too. For hanging use a gromet gun & gromits at the sheets top then use whatever type hooks you perfer to match. You can also use the pillow cases for shoe organizers. Just do the same thing with the gromit idea and hang up on your closet rod, great also for purses, hats etc. Just be sure to get the right size sheet for your needs, full size etc. I always get the queen size so I have more fabric for fullness.
I used the sheet idea in a cabin we had once to hide the bed area. My theme was lodge. So I used a tan sheet and stenciled on bears trees etc. And used the gromits at the top. And bought lodge themed hooks from this catalog site (I bought bears & trees)
after we sold the cabin I kept the set incase I ever need it again.thought I might use it sometime as a backdrop for a party theme. I used the hooks on my christmas tree last year. If you can cut & sew, get the large size sheet queen because you can use a section of to make matching tie backs, pillows for your bed sofa, if its used in the laundry room use some to make a matching clothes pin bag. Or the matching pillow cases make good bags for laundry marck with fabric paint markers that say white darks, etc.

By amc (Guest Post)10/28/2007

One tip, make sure you get a shower curtain that at least looks like curtains (lots of choices at Target, Walmart, big lots, etc.) other wise it looks extremely tacky (especially for a bedroom, if it doesn't go to the ground. You will definitely regret it, it has to look nice.

By Amber (Guest Post)09/30/2006

im so tired of the stupid sliding doors that always brake so now i put curtains thats the best way to keep your closet organized and clean

By melinda07/18/2006

My parents did this to hide their washer/dryer they didn't have any room to put a door!! So, this idea worked for them!! Hope it gives you some good ideas!!! Good luck!!!
They did use a tension shower curtain rod to keep the curtain in place---these work great!!! And nothing to drill into the wall!!

RE: Closet Curtains

By Cheryl07/18/2006

Hi, I did this a few days ago. I finally took down our annoying sliding doors and put up a curtain. It's a great alternative. I don't have to slide a door to reach for things and I can see everything in my closet without having to stick my head inside. :) Initially I wanted to buy fabric and make my own funky curtain, but instead ended up buying a cool shower curtain I saw at the store. I used shower curtain hooks with clear dangling gems at the ends, and an adjustable rod to hang it all on. Not only is it more convenient, but just as someone else stated, it changes the feel of the room. Imho, I think the adjustable rod is the easiest way to go. It's quick to install, and can be found fairly easily in most stores. :) Good luck!

By AskLiz (Guest Post)07/17/2006

I put curtains over my closet opening back in the 80's. I used a shower curtain type tension rod, which was strong enough to span the 4 or 5 foot space. This was an ideal solution to replace sliding doors, which are inefficient for accessing the entire opening.
I used them for a few years until we sold the house and re-hung the sliders. You have to assume most home buyers don't want anything unusual. I have noticed the curtains on interior doors in pics of English houses. They add a cozy homey feel to the room, are cheaper than doors, and take up little space. I find curtains at clearance prices and thrift stores. Good luck, neat idea!

By sandy (Guest Post)07/12/2006

you could use a tension rod and do the same thing. that is what i have done.

By vanessa warren07/11/2006

i got a round curtain rod that has a spring in it where you can push it in so it will fit inside of the door frame.(they come in different sizes)you can use regular metal hooks or if the curtain has an opening for a rod slide it on.i used the round rod and hooks on closets in my mobile home for the last 12 years.ness

By Sherry Hampton [31]07/07/2006

Why don't you buy a curtain rod for your size opening, rod should go just past the doors. Depending on how wide the opening, you might get a thing ( don't know what it's called ) to stabilize the curtain if curtain is heavy material. I did this to hide my washer & dryer & 2 shelves above them. You could use sheets like I did. Put your rod through top of sheet, it bunches up & looks frilly on top. Measure outside width & length. I didn't let mine go quite to the floor because mopping / vacuuming. Pick colors that match decor & can't be seen through.
Good Luck

RE: Closet Curtains

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