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Fabric Softener Sheet to Help Freshen and Clean Your Bathroom

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To help freshen your bathroom, clip a fabric softener sheet to your shower curtain and every time the humidity from the shower hits it, you should smell a slight waft of freshness. After 1-3 weeks, while in the shower, use the fabric softener sheet to scrub your shower walls -- it will help to cut the soap-scum buildup. Then rinse off the walls and squeegee them (if possible). The walls will look great, the bathroom will smell fresh and shower (and you) will be clean all at the same time!

By Mouski from Center Harbor, NH


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By Shawna [3]05/01/2006

I will give it a try sounds great. Awsome tip thanks so much

By jmz2005 (Guest Post)04/27/2006

I love this tip, going to do this when i get off puter, thank you!

By Ricki (Guest Post)04/27/2006

Now THIS was a great tip! One that I can use tonight. Thank you!

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