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I have a terrible itch deep inside my ear canal and ear drum. I went to the ENT but he insisted my ears were fine. What can I do about this itch? I've tried peroxide with no results.

By Chelz from IL


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By Cheryl 8 38 12/16/2009

I have had the same issue for years. It seems to worsen when I get shampoo in my ears during a shower. It helps some to take a Qtip dipped in alcohol and gently clean the ear canal.
Hairsprays, shampoos, etc. can all cause this itching. Put cotton balls in your ears before shampooing or spraying hair with any product. That should reduce the itching episodes :)

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By Robin 5,893 29 12/16/2009

I have battled allergies for years. It sounds like you might be having some trouble along that line, too. Every year when I go to my allergist, she asks me if my ears ever itch. Might be something to check into. Good luck!

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By Linda 1 13 12/17/2009

Oh my, I had such a time with my ears itching. I had been using peroxide and alcohol on q-tips, tea tree oil-anything I could think of. Finally I asked my doctor on one of my routine visits. He was quite concerned with my use of peroxide and alcohol as he said that would damage the ear canal-dry it out-the tea tree oil he hadn't really heard of! **LOL**
However, what he "prescribed" was EAR~DRY by ERO it's for swimmers and to get water out of the ear! It really is alcohol but has glycerin in it to keep from drying out the ear. I've used it for years now and It is wonderful! You use it as drops and it fills the ear canal. I put kleenex or a piece of cotton in to absorb it as it will run out and get kinda messy otherwise. I use it after a shower, or just when my ears are bothering me-but that is very rare now. Except during cold season. I wish you luck. Oh, get it at Wal-Mart, but I'm sure it is available elsewhere, too.

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By Carol Swanson 35 211 12/18/2009

I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you that its allergies. Take an allergy pill or even half a pill and the itching will go away. I doubt that you have swimmer's ear which someone else has mentioned. That is a yeast infection and should be treated by a doctor. Your doctor would have told you if you had this. Good luck

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By Beth 25 1,120 12/18/2009

Tea-tree oil on a q-tip. Don't use the pharmaceutical strength though, that's a bit strong and it bothers my ears. I get the Hollywood brand.

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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 12/18/2009

I don't know about anyone else, but if what you use only works as long as you use it & if you stop, it comes back.. It's not the answer. I use to have horrible itchy ears. OMG. I went insane. I used everything I could think of & then I used a q-tip to scratch until I bled. Pain was better than itching. Then I got a new doctor & he said I had an over-growth of candida, cause of other things that were wrong. Well, he treated me for candida & guess what, the itching stopped. Nothing in my ear ever worked, but taking the candida cure, did. Candida loves close, warm, protected, damp places. It's a perfect breading ground; sinus passages are another. A lot of people being treated for sinus issues, are really suffering with candida over growth.
You might try oregano oil for a bit It can kill candida. The thing is, if you've got it in your ear, then it's else where & you need to address it. Don't wait.

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By jan king 1 319 12/19/2009

Sounds like allergies to me. I have the same thing and take Zyrtec when the allergies act up. It's the only thing that would do the trick for me. Grandma Jan

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By Barnfrau 1 07/17/2010

Absolute cure! After years of hell, I have an absolute cure. Intense ear itching, wetness, smelly wax, onion skin tearing off. Tried everything on blog including Zymox, dog ear mite, cortizones, 4 doctors. Serious ear and facial infections. Temp relief from Vicks Vapo Rub in ears. Permanent cure from triamcinolone acetonide ointment usp, 0.5% distributed by Perrigo of Allegan, MI, USA 49010. Hallelujah I'm saved!

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By Vicj 1 03/18/2011

I have pinpointed my itchy ears to an intollerance to legumes. Beans, peas and sometimes corn--especially corn starch. Also if I eat too much peanut butter. I tried to go veg once and replace my meat protein with beans but, my ears ended up so weepy, itchy and crusty that I had to stop. My mother also suffered from weepy, itchy ears all her life and never figured it out. She came from a large southern family that ate losts of beans and peas daily. Try eliminating them from your diet for a week and see if things improve then, add them back in and see what happens. Check bread for soy ingredients as well. I can still eat them but, not everyday, just a few times a week--spaced out. Good luck.

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Small amounts of oil, extra light olive oil or baby oil, will help lubricate and moisturize the ear canal, which can eliminate dry itchy skin as well as help loosen dried wax build up, allowing it to dislodge and exit the ear canal as intended.

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Archive: Relief for Itchy Ears

My ears have been itching for 5 years now. It drives me, but especially my husband nuts. I went to different doctors and all of them told me that I have eczema in my ear, but I am sure I am sore from scratching.


Archive: Relief for Itchy Ears

I have itchy ears, especially the right ear. It's not down in the canal, but in the ear hole and in front of it.

By 0u812

RE: Relief for Itchy Ears

I have had this same problem. Finally my ENT specialist told me to put a drop of sweet oil or olive oil in my ear, because my ears were dry. I do this periodically and no itching! (05/13/2009)

By Toebeanie

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